10 Event Day Essentials

  • By Christie Stapf | Tuesday, November 15th, 2016
10 Event Day Essentials

Time is of the essence on the day of your event. Both you and your staff are running on high alert making sure those plans you worked on for months are being properly implemented. But as any experienced event professional knows, there are going to be a few event day bumps.

To ease event day stresses, our Event Ops team’s shared their top 10 event day essentials!

  1. Scanners – You never want to fall short getting fans quickly through the gates. Make sure all your scanners are accounted for as soon as you step into the venue.
  1. Cell phone – Keep your phone with you at all times for a quick reminder that a special panel or photo op is starting, calling in for back up at the gates, and taking awesome photos of fans for social media.
  1. Portable backup chargers – Don’t get caught with your battery low in the heat of all the event day fun. Bring a few portable backup chargers for a quick on the go power up.
  1. Allen wrenches – You never know when you’re going to need to tighten up loose ends. Stages, panel chairs, and exhibit equipment are notorious for needing a little TLC.
  1. Extra extension cords – No matter how many times you run through your event’s layout, there will always be a need for an extra cord or two. Save yourself from a quick run to the store, by keeping several close at hand.
  1. Gaff tape – This is one of our personal favs. Gaff tape secures pesky cords that run all over the event floor – without leaving any damage to the venue.
  1. List of logins and passwords – We all have it, and know we can’t live without it. We suggest keeping this hush, hush list in the notes section of your phone with your Passcode setting turned on.
  1. Poncho – Rain or shine the fun must go on. Keep your team warm and dry by layering up with this event day essential.
  1. First-aid kit – Safety always comes first when it comes to your team and fans. Most prepackaged kits have what you need, so remember to swing by the local drugstore to pick some up.
  1. Coffee – Organizing great events takes time, and that means early mornings paired with late nights – so remember to grab your cuppa joe!

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