3 Ways RFID Event Technology Is the Key to Social Distancing

  • By Richard Fairbairn | Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Social distancing measures have become a staple of daily life across the world, even as we see in-person events on the horizon again in some areas. This begs the question: how do we provide an unforgettable event experience for attendees while still keeping safety and distance top of mind? While there’s no one simple solution to this challenge, taking steps to reduce hand-to-hand interactions and optimize foot traffic flow to maintain personal distance are at the heart of the path forward.

Fortunately, our partners at Token have the technology and insight to help event organizers do just that! Read on, as Token’s event technology experts explain how they’re helping events carry on in the era of social distancing and why they expect RFID cashless systems to become a staple at future events.

Remove Cash Handling

Even before social distancing became the norm, the advantages an RFID cashless system could offer to event organizers were clear. From reducing paid staff hours to increasing attendee spend on in-event purchases like merchandise and concessions, cashless technology has helped facilitate event optimization across the board. 

In this new age of social distancing, however, going cashless will be all but essential upon a full-scale return to in-person events. Physical cash circulates around events, first through the transaction between customer and vendor, and then as change for other attendees, and eventually will need to be counted up by staff. This is far from ideal in a world where limited contact is the goal! RFID technology replaces that entire system with a tap of your phone, credit card, or wristband. Attendees can use self-service kiosks to reload their wristband, event badge, or app account with more funds at any time, cutting out further contact. What’s even better? Because they’re self-service in nature, as little as one staff member or volunteer can look after multiple kiosks throughout your venue to regularly sanitize them and help attendees when needed.

Keep the Traffic Flowing

Maintaining a smooth, steady flow of traffic throughout an event is an ever-present challenge for organizers of events of all types and sizes. There will always be points of concern, like access areas, vendor stalls, and the entrance. These are the areas where organizers should take the most care to keep traffic moving. In these situations, the primary benefit of RFID-based access control is that it keeps queues flowing constantly. With RFID-equipped event credentials, your attendees’ ticket information is accessible and verifiable with a simple tap of a scanner, eliminating the need for hand-to-hand ticket takers or written guest lists. Not to mention, your attendees get right into the action sooner and can spend more time enjoying all the hard work you’ve put into your event!

Capture Real-Time Attendee Insights

If your event is split into sections, such as conference rooms or festival stages, then you may be looking to limit the number of attendees in any one area. Having attendees tap in and out replaces the need for a staff member to count heads, and real-time reporting lets you keep an eye on capacity levels across your entire event at once. Even if your event isn’t already split into rooms, our team is well versed in helping set up effective access control that lets you easily monitor the overall traffic flow across your venue. Plus, if you’re actively scanning traffic both in and out of your venue, the accurate, real-time attendance data you’ll have on-hand means you’ll be able to more efficiently admit attendees who may be waiting to enter due to capacity restrictions.

Interested in learning more? Our team has years of event industry experience and can help transform your event with our RFID technology. Request a demo or reach out to our team at sales@gettoken.com.