4 Mobile App Features You Need for Your Fandom Convention

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, November 6th, 2019
4 Mobile App Features You Need for Your Fandom Convention

If there’s one thing a successful fandom event has plenty of, it’s content. With panels, Q&A sessions, photo ops, exclusive screenings, and plenty of exhibitors, an official mobile app is essential to help your fans, vendors, sponsors, and staff get the most out of your event. But not just any app will do. Our event experts collaborated with our friends at Greencopper to break down a list of four key features every fandom event’s mobile app should provide. Does your convention’s app measure up? Read on to find out!

Real-time Event Information Capabilities

A custom mobile app is the most effective way to keep your attendees connected and up-to-date with the panel schedules, celebrity guests appearances, and the exhibitor booth locations they want to experience at your event. Fans will be able to conveniently explore all there is to see and experience at your convention before event day. On-site, your fans will have every schedule and map on their phones at all times, and in the case of any last-minute changes, you’ll be able to alert attendees instantly with a simple push notification.

Enhanced Experience Options

With so much show content to choose from, it’s important that your app can help attendees curate the exact experience they want from your fandom convention. Give your fans the ability to “favorite” the guests, artists, and vendors they want to see most, enabling them to better plan out their day. These fan selections can then be used to send tailored push notifications regarding updates relevant to their favorite content (example: “John Smith’s 10:00am signing has been pushed to 10:30am!”) You can also help your fans better navigate your event by pairing your maps with augmented reality (AR) wayfinding, turning their phones into an AR lens that indicates the path to their next panel, the closest restroom, featured exhibitors, and more!

Advanced Gamification Features

Adding gamification into the mix gives your attendees another fun way to interact at your event, while providing the potential for some powerful sponsorship and vendor integration opportunities. Gamification can take many forms: scavenger hunts where fans use their app to scan in at various points throughout the show floor to earn badges and prizes; scan-to-win booths where attendees can instantly win show merch or be entered for a grand prize; and in-booth vendor activations where they can directly interact with their favorite brands. The best part is that gamification can work two-fold; your attendees will love the experience, and your vendors and sponsors will gain valuable lead information, helping them connect with the attendees most interested in their offerings!

Key Insights Access

Your custom mobile app should provide you with access to invaluable insights into on-site fan engagement at your event. The right mobile app needs to be able to digest and display this data in a way that can help you enhance next year’s event, and develop targeted marketing campaigns to effectively reach current and future attendees. For example, you can track in-event attendance to optimize security and crowd management, you can measure results and track ROI for each booth, panel, etc. so you can pick the right vendors and celebrities for next year.

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