5 Key Ways to Optimize Festival Operations with Marcato

  • By Natalie Sullivan | Thursday, February 13th, 2020

If festival organizers have one skill in common, it’s multitasking. With tasks at hand like booking talent, managing vendors, updating website and app content, and issuing staff and guest credentials, successfully managing a festival is no small feat! Luckily, our partners at Marcato have festival management boiled down to a science. Read on to discover five ways Marcato optimizes and improves the festival management process, and see the difference today.

Talent & Vendor Management

Whether you’re hosting a local food festival, Oktoberfest celebration, or a multi-stage music festival, talent and vendors are integral to your attendee turnout and overall success. Having one unified solution to keep track of all the details associated with these performers and exhibitors can be a major asset, and Marcato’s flexible event operations solution offers just that! Start by creating custom web forms to accept talent submissions and vendor applications through your website. These dynamic forms are designed to automatically populate data directly into Marcato, enabling you to quickly and easily approve submissions, instantly generate contracts, coordinate on-site requirements, track travel and hospitality arrangements, and handle all associated financial details. 

Credentialing & Pass Distribution

With so many moving pieces at a festival, it’s vital that all behind-the-scenes personnel have the correct permissions to access the appropriate areas of your festival site. Utilizing Marcato’s integration with our enterprise ticketing solution, you’ll be able to create, manage, and distribute all credentials needed throughout the run of your festival, including vendor wristbands, parking passes, meal tickets, backstage production passes, and more. Simply collect all credential requests through Marcato’s custom web forms, then accept or reject each submission, and see approved credentials automatically sync from Marcato to ShowClix. Once personnel arrive on-site, easily issue approved passes with our on-site fulfillment tool and scan them into designated areas throughout your festival! With a seamless flow of information between the two systems, you’ll be able to see real-time status updates in Marcato, so you know when and to whom passes have been issued. 

Content Management

For the sake of your marketing efforts and event branding, it’s essential that your festival’s public-facing content platforms are up-to-date with the most current information. These platforms, including your website and mobile app, act as information hubs that attendees rely on, so it’s imperative that all public details are correct from the day you announce through to the final performance. With Marcato’s content management tools, you’ll only need to enter event details into one centralized database. From there, they are shared across your team, your website, and other platforms. Additionally, any updates to contracts and schedules will instantly be reflected on talent, vendor, and staff itineraries, ensuring all backend personnel have access to the most up-to-date information as well.  ‍

Catering Tools

With a large-scale festival, coordinating catering needs for your talent, volunteers, and on-site team can pose a daily challenge. Marcato enables festival organizers to easily create and assign catering credentials to individuals and groups, ensuring everyone who needs a meal will get one! Once personnel are issued their credentials on-site, they can simply scan their badges to get into designated catering areas to claim their meals. By managing all aspects of your catering operation on one centralized database, Marcato makes it easy to accurately track staff and guests’ meal history and totals with live reports. Use this data to prevent unnecessary over-ordering and reconcile with catering partners at the end of your festival. 

Asset Tracking & Issuance

Whether you’re renting or purchasing, the array of physical assets and equipment (machinery, furniture, radios, etc.) you’ll need to run your festival are often very costly for your operation. In order to stay on budget and mitigate losses, it’s imperative for festival organizers to keep track of every single item or asset on-site. Marcato enables you to do this efficiently with streamlined approvals and secure issuance. From within the system, you’ll be able to approve all valid asset check-out requests made by staff, vendors, and talent. Once a request is approved, you can track the check-out and check-in process, keeping detailed notes to ensure a smooth operation. This data can then be accessed to easily pull live showday reports and gather accurate totals for billback amounts, and to help plan for your next event, ensuring you order only the exact number of assets needed to run your next festival.

Interested in learning more about how our partners at Marcato can help make your festival management easier than ever before? Reach out today!

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