Did You Know: Muzooka Artist Asset Management

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Tuesday, August 27th, 2019
Did You Know: Muzooka Artist Asset Management

Did you know you can easily promote talent on your ShowClix event listing with 100% verified artist data using our integration with Muzooka?

As a promoter of live music, festivals, or comedy shows, you know that highlighting your most anticipated acts is a great way to drum up buzz about your next event. But you also know that your talent’s bios, feature photos, and important performance information can become outdated in an instant. The time spent seeking out and confirming the accuracy of artist information across multiple platforms can be better focused on other aspects of your business. With our integration with Muzooka, the industry standard for 100% verified artist data, you’ll be able to add talent to your ShowClix event listing once, then watch assets like bios, images, videos, and social media links update in real time as artists make changes to their Muzooka profiles. 

To enable Muzooka for your events, you’ll first need to contact our support team at clients@showclix.com. Once the integration is enabled for your events, log in to the ShowClix Admin and go to the Events tab. Scroll about halfway down the page until you see the box titled “Talent” on the right-hand side. Click “Assign Talent” and type the name of the artist you’d like to add to your event listing in the text box. Once you select your talent, you’ll be able to choose any and all of their information that you want to display on your event listing: Artist Image, Social Media Links, Artist Description, and Featured Video. If there’s a piece of information not provided by the artist, it will be crossed out. If you want to add multiple artists to your event page, simply continue to add them from the text box. When you’re finished, click “Save Changes” and check out your updated event listing! 

For more information about adding talent to your event listings, check out our support guide!