Festival Tech You Need to Consider in 2022

  • By David Kennedy | Monday, February 7th, 2022
Festival Tech You Need to Consider in 2020

Over the past few years, festival organizers have naturally begun asking themselves some important questions regarding the future of their events and the festival space at large. How will the continuous development of event technology affect the festival landscape in 2022? Our festival experts have laid out their predictions for the future of festival tech this year and beyond!

All-Encompassing RFID Technology

Festival organizers and attendees alike are no strangers to RFID by now, but it’s only recently that the true potential of this technology has been leveraged to create a streamlined festival experience. Our partners at Token are leading the way with wearable RFID technology allowing for ticketless entry and a fully cashless on-site purchase experience. For attendees, putting RFID technology into overdrive in this manner means less time spent waiting in queues, no need to carry cash, no hand-to-hand contact, and a much more cohesive experience overall. For organizers, it means reduced instances of fraud, optimized access control, and perhaps most importantly, access to data they’ve never had before, like full on-site purchase data and attendee tracking throughout their event site. In a world driven by numbers, these insights are invaluable when it comes to planning future events. This year, you’re likely to see more and more festivals fully embrace this technology.

Robust Mobile Apps

Beyond serving as resources for event information, mobile apps will continue the natural transition into robust audience engagement platforms. Greencopper has disrupted the industry by offering just that. Attendees can now have one go-to location to view festival details at a glance, like info on specific artists, speakers, or vendors. In-app mobile ordering will become more commonplace as well, enabling festival-goers to pre-purchase concessions, merchandise, and other add-ons, eliminating time spent queuing on-site. We’ll also see festival apps play a more prominent role in sponsorship arrangements. By using the official event app as a means for sponsors to engage with attendees, the opportunity for creative activations through features like targeted push notifications and interactive on-site photo hunts comes into play.

Powerful Experiential Marketing

As the festival space remains competitive, audience demand for more unique experiences continues to grow. More experience-based features, like gamification and experiential marketing activations, will become more mainstream in 2022 as a result. Festival audiences no longer simply see these kinds of experiences as a fun bonus — they expect them! With our experiential technology partners at Thuzi, organizers can fulfill this fan desire in a variety of customizable ways, like offering games where fans can gain “reward points” as they move through the festival, unlocking prizes and exclusive content. These experiences are often the things that attendees talk about most once they leave an event. In the coming year and beyond, you’ll see them become integral to the success of any festival.

Accompanying Live Streams

Adding a virtual component to your festivals can have more benefits than you might realize. The savviest festival organizers know that the pandemic lessons we’ve learned can (and should) be carried on into the future. Live streams of main stage performances can expose your event to a wider audience than ever before, and offer an additional revenue stream with a virtually unlimited capacity! Even on-site attendees can benefit from streamed performances, alleviating the stress of choosing between concurrent performances. Simply make your streams available for viewing after the fact and give in-person attendees the ability to access video on demand of the performances they couldn’t catch live! Not to mention, virtual components offer precise viewership details, giving you access to valuable data for future marketing initiatives and even providing additional sponsorship opportunities through live stream naming rights, banner ads, and more.

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