Meet the Team: Amy Kline, Client Success Manager

  • By Cara Hoover | Monday, November 28th, 2016
Meet the Team - Amy Kline Client Success Manager - Midwest Region

Committed to promoting our products’ advanced uses and powerful features, the Client Success team dedicates itself to encouraging a successful adoption of our platform and its various features. Pairing our years of experience with valuable insight provided by our partners, our team has successfully created and continues to optimize our partner’s user experience.

Amy grew up outside of Pittsburgh in a rural area with pet llamas, a potbelly pig, and goats. She graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Management. During college, she worked for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as a Sales Representative. Soon after graduating, she began working for the Pittsburgh Playhouse as the Assistant Box Office Manager, and later, at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Jazz as the Customer Relations and Marketing Manager.

Apart from ShowClix, you can find Amy spending most of her time with her husband and daughter. Amy met her husband, Butch, in an AOL chatroom in 1999. Soon after, they had their first date at a Pittsburgh Symphony show accompanied by her co-worker Allison. They hit it off and are still, 17 years later, happily married with a beautiful daughter named Allison (how ironic).

Amy brings a wide skillset to our Client Success team. Her unique background gives her a deep understanding of sales, marketing, ticket software implementation, and customer service.

As a Client Success Manager, you act as our partners’ advocate by critically thinking through any challenge and seamlessly adapting to any situation. What does a typical day look like for you?

Everyday is very different. Some days I’m working with our partners on the very basics of the ShowClix platform, and others I’m thinking of creative solutions that really test the limits of the platform to accomplish what our partner needs. I am always ready for the next call or email and enjoy the process with them. Every problem has a solution and every solution is a victory for our partner, me, and ShowClix. It’s very rewarding to create new answers and solutions for our partners.  

You work with some of our largest partners, what is the key to your success?

There are two keys to success in this job: staying organized and staying positive. I needed to learn quickly on this job that the key to managing so many of our big partners is to pay attention to the details, and look for solutions. I’ve added some project management tools to my regular day to help with this.  

After almost 20 years in box offices before coming to ShowClix, I’ve learned that the key to good service is thinking that every customer interaction will end positively. Every time I pick up the phone, that is my goal: answer a question, solve a problem, hang up happy. My work at ShowClix parallels my years managing box offices in this regard. Every partner, and every box office in every venue around the world, has one thing in common: they sell fun. Not tickets, not products. They are selling a feeling and a memory. Client Success is about the same thing. The partner is already committed to ShowClix, it’s my job to make it all work, make it easy, and make it fun.  

Questions and requests from our partners can involve collaborating with several departments, how do you work as a team to fulfill their needs?

Working across teams is core to ShowClix’s success. Client Success is the first to hear of new ideas or requests from our partners. We then distill those ideas and begin to work with the product, customer care or sales team to develop a plan for building or implementing the request.  The primary component for a successful project is communicating with the teams to come to up with a realistic solution and expectation. Then, sharing those ideas with the rest of Client Services to ensure that we are releasing the best solution that will enhance our product for our partners.  

You are on the Board of Directors for one of the event industry’s largest networking events known as The International Ticketing Association (INTIX). Tell us more about INTIX and your involvement.

INTIX is one of my great loves. It’s more than a networking event, it’s a year-round professional development organization that supports professional growth in its membership. We offer a once-yearly conference for members and non-members to meet, teach, and learn from each other in an atmosphere of our peers. We also feature year-round webinars, online forums, and a Member Connections committee. This committee is made up of people who are experts on a variety of topics, and are ready to offer support or answer questions for any member or non-member.

I have been an INTIX member for about 8 years, and volunteering on committees for just as long. I’ve recently been nominated for a second board term. With the trust and hopefully votes of the membership, I will begin that second three-year term in January. A current project for Member Connections is building a robust new member mentoring program that will ignite success and provide support for new INTIX members. I have been supported by so many great mentors at INTIX through the years, and really value those relationships.  

You are a dedicated mother and leader of your daughter’s Girl Scouts troop. What do you find is the most rewarding part about working with the Girl Scouts?

Being a Girl Scout is a core part of my identity. I was a Girl Scout for 11 years as a kid, and earned the Silver Award, Girl Scouting’s second highest honor. This is my sixth year leading my troop in Carrick, and a lot of the girls have been with me since kindergarten. There is something very satisfying in watching them grow and find their place both in the troop and in the world.  

We work on many service projects, including recent ones with the Western PA Humane Society and the Fort Pitt Museum, as well as invite speakers in to our troop meetings to teach the girls new skills. Recently, we had a podcaster and film producer come in and show the girls how to create their own podcast.

With such a variety of things happening within the troop, and different projects that inspire different girls, I’ve seen shy, sensitive kids become outspoken leaders and noisy, wild kids become introspective thinkers. The hardest part of being a Girl Scout leader is turning down girls who want to join my troop. There is a real volunteer drought happening within Girl Scouting, and oftentimes there are not enough troop leaders to lead troops. I work within the Pittsburgh area as a volunteer recruiter, and am hoping that we will have two new troops starting in January to fill this void.  

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