Meet The Team: Amy Mrazek, Digital Marketing Manager

  • By Anthony | Thursday, July 17th, 2014

You might recognize our next teammate from our Field Guide to Digital Event Marketing. This week, we’re chatting with our Digital Marketing Manager, Amy Mrazek, about her time at ShowClix and how her knack for digital marketing helps us find new ticketing partners.

While obtaining an MBA at the University of Pittsburgh, Amy was introduced to the world of digital marketing through a project involving Google AdWords. Since then, she’s made a successful career out of managing digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, and she currently develops traditional and social marketing plans for a local non-profit, The Global Peace Building Foundation.

Today, Amy continues to grow ShowClix’s awareness and partnerships within the online ticketing industry.

The digital world is constantly advancing. How do you keep up with the ever-changing industry?

I am constantly reading my favorite digital blogs and news sites to keep up with all the advances. Some of my favorites are Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch. I also have regular meetings with Google, and attend local digital networking and educational events in the Pittsburgh area to stay in the loop.

Additionally, I analyze our data and test new ideas and then do it again because just as quickly as the digital tools and technology change, so do the customers. I’m always making tweaks to our campaigns to stay optimized and relevant in the quickly changing environment.

Where do you see digital marketing going in the future for the event industry?

Digital marketing for the event industry is going to become even more important than it already is today. To give some context, consumers made five event ticket purchases in the past year. Two-thirds of those tickets were bought online where digital marketing was the driver behind the purchase. This is only going to increase.

Going forward, event professionals will need to put more of their marketing budget towards digital to grow ticket sales. Marketing platforms in YouTube, AdWords, and Facebook are going to be the most relevant for this industry due to the granular targeting available in each.

In addition to paid search, you also handle our social media marketing. What platforms do you think are the most valuable in the space today?

The most valuable social platform depends on the specific event industry. It’s important to recognize that being present on all platforms can be detrimental if it’s not relevant to your demographic or your industry. For example, live music venues should focus on Twitter and Instagram to keep attendees engaged before, during and after the event by sharing photos and videos and getting in the conversation with your attendees.

You just celebrated your first year at ShowClix. What excites you most about the future of ShowClix?

Everything. Over the past year, I watched our company grow from all aspects, whether that was the new software advances, the new visual brand identity or the growth in the number of talented employees it takes to make this all happen. I’m happy to be part of the ShowClix future and can’t wait to see where we are in another year.

When you aren’t diving into spreadsheets and crunching numbers at ShowClix, what sort of things do you like to enjoy in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh’s experiencing a huge restaurant and development boom. You can typically find me on a Saturday night enjoying a new place, new food and old friends.