Meet the Team: Ashley Ranich, Marketing Services Specialist

  • By Cara Hoover | Monday, November 6th, 2017
Meet the Team: Ashley Ranich, Marketing Services Specialist

Our Marketing Services team works alongside many of our event partners to build marketing strategies that engage customers, drive ticket sales, and help gain new insight into their business. Today we’ll meet Ashley Ranich, our Marketing Services Specialist, who works closely with our partners to provide data-driven marketing support that increases revenue and drives long-term ROI.

Before college, Ashley worked many different jobs, from waitress, to personal assistant, to nanny, to tutor. Ashley graduated from Duquesne University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics. After studying abroad in Rome, Italy, she decided to search for an internship in the Pittsburgh area. She explored many different internships, but chose ShowClix because she was drawn to our company culture and is a huge fan of live events. She came onboard in 2015 as our Marketing Intern. During her nearly three years here, she helped build our Marketing Services department and now works full time as our Marketing Services Specialist.

Today, along with working at ShowClix, Ashley volunteers campaigning and canvassing for a candidate who is running for District Justice, and serves at a local restaurant here in Pittsburgh.

Ashley and our Marketing Services team provides an extensive amount of added value to our partners. By providing training and recommendations based on their specific goals, we are able to help our partners better reach their audience and sell more tickets for their incredible events!

You have worked at ShowClix for almost three years now in different positions within our Marketing Department. What has been one of the biggest changes in event marketing trends from when you started to right now?

Three years – wow! There’s been an interesting shift in the approach to consumer engagement and experience. As we become more connected, adding value for our market at all points of the event lifecycle is prioritized. I work to ensure that event stakeholders are engaged from on-sale to the actual event to weeks after the event has occurred. Whether we’re connecting with content, live video interaction, or direct outreach, good event marketing creates communities that live beyond the event itself. It’s a challenging yet exciting shift to respond to.

You give custom recommendations for each partner you work with. From social media advice, to digital marketing tactics, to paid search advertising, you help our partners build strong marketing strategies and drive ticket sales. Can you share with us one of your favorite success stories after launching a campaign?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of our wonderful event organizers since I’ve been at ShowClix. It’s always insightful to hear about how they’re currently approaching marketing in their respective niches during our deep dive phase. I loved working with Mary Ann and Nick from Kentuck Knob on a Facebook Ads campaign for the Guided House Tour series. This was the organization’s first time experimenting with Facebook Ads, so I took a very hands-on approach in sitting with them and setting up all aspects of the campaign. I rarely get to collaborate that closely with any of our clients, so it was fulfilling to be able to teach them a new way to market their event. The first day our campaign launched, we saw over 13X ROI! My favorite part of this job is talking to people from all over the country. Kentuck Knob is right in our backyard though, so it was particularly rewarding to work with a member of our community in-person at our office.

You are responsible for assisting our partners in improving and measuring the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns. What’s one piece of advice you can provide to event marketers across the board?

Coming from an economics background, I get a little caught up on the importance of data analysis. It’s pretty dope that in 2017, we’re able to measure and track nearly every digital advertising effort we undergo. So my piece of advice to other humans in event marketing is to track, measure, and then optimize all of your campaigns! Get those pixels implemented and determine what’s working for you and what’s not. Then learn from what you did in the past to identify how you can improve in the future. 

Oh, and this isn’t directly related, but I find a lot of sanity in unplugging every now and then. When you work in digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up. Me and my friends do little things like phone-stacking to keep each other present.   

In your opinion, what is one of the best campaigns or advertisements you ever saw and why?

I’ve always been a big fan of NPR; I even tried to (unsuccessfully) convince our Creative Manager to let me wear my NPR hat for my headshot. When the Tiny Desk series launched in 2008 with Laura Gibson, it became a sort of “Required Watching” for me; I still can’t get enough of it. Part of the brilliance of it all was how organic it was; you got to see Bob Boilen’s idea come into fruition. The concept, like all great inventions, sprung from a very real need. Boilen couldn’t hear Gibson at one of her concerts and invited her back to his desk at NPR for a performance. So they started inviting more musicians to Boilen’s desk, and the internet got a front seat view to an intimate concert with the artists they loved or didn’t know they loved (yet).

They launched a Tiny Desk Concert Contest a couple years back that engaged an online community with user-generated content that commands your full attention. The contest only required the entrant to submit a video of an original song at a desk. I loved this campaign because it was accessible, simple, and rewarded the community that grew its following to what it was.

One of your favorite hobbies is traveling and exploring different parts of the world. What is one of the most interesting places you have seen and why?

Brač is an island on the Adriatic Sea off the coast of mainland Split, Croatia. We took the ferry to Brač after missing nearly every other boat, bus, and train out of Split, and finding a Couchsurfing host that offered us a place to stay on a last minute whim. It is the most stunning place I’ve ever been! The “couch” we were staying on turned out to be a boat out on the water with a laddered entrance that we shared with three girls from England. Brač was captivating because it of its quaint charm; unlike Hvar, it seemed like Brač had remained untouched by the tourism crowds we were previously met with. Our host, Jurko, took us around the island by boat and vespa, and introduced us to his friends on the island. At night, we drank wine from the highest point of the boat and finally got the slower change of pace we didn’t realize we needed. At the end of our time, Jurko offered us summer jobs at his family’s restaurant in Bol, but I declined. Coincidentally, I was flying home in a week to start my internship at ShowClix.

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