Meet the Team: Chris Patmon, Senior Event Operations Manager

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
Meet the Team: Chris Patmon, Senior Event Operations Manager

This month we’d like to introduce you to Chris Patmon, our Senior Event Operations Manager. Our Event Operations team works alongside our partners before their events, as well as on-site, to offer assistance including setting up and managing ticket scanners, developing efficient admissions processes, or simply offering an extra hand at the gate when needed. Since joining our team, Chris has been directly responsible for preparing the crucial technology needed to ensure the success of our partners’ events.

After receiving a certificate in Recording Arts from Austin’s MediaTech Institute in 2013, Chris began his career in production. For nearly nine years, Chris worked as a Venue Manager and Production Manager at The Mohawk in Austin, where he handled stage management and sound engineering of touring musical acts and festivals like SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and Austin Psych Fest. He eventually made the move to Front Gate Tickets, where he continued to assist events as a Field Operations Manager by setting up their wireless networks on-site, managing their scanning devices, and more.

With an extensive background in event production and IT, Chris was the perfect fit for ShowClix’s Senior Event Operations Manager role. His experience gave him a knack for understanding how all the moving parts of a live event worked together. Today, Chris works closely with many of our music and festival partners, helping them create awesome event experiences for their attendees. Outside of the office, Chris can be found exploring the hidden gems of Pittsburgh, and planning his next getaway!

What does a typical work week look like for you as Senior Event Operations Manager?

There really isn’t a typical week here. Sure, some things stay consistent, but every week has brought new challenges and opportunities. For example, right now we’re testing new handheld scanners that are an all-in-one device. Eventually, we’ll be able to scan 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, and RFID with a single device. It’s exciting to see how we’re moving forward with new technology and bigger events.

One of the most exciting duties of our Event Operations team is that they join our partners on-site to assist with their event. Tell us more about your experiences working alongside our partners as their events take place.

It’s really great getting to work with our partners on-site and being the face of our company to them. Building those relationships is another key part of the entire Event Operations department. It’s nice to collaborate with our partners on-site to offer them advice on how to streamline on-site operations, admissions, and more for future events.

You’ve been working in the event industry for your entire career. How has your previous experience with event production helped you in your role at ShowClix?

It’s helped tremendously. I started in audio engineering and made my way to the ticketing side with event operations. We do so much behind the scenes to ensure that every attendee can have a smooth and memorable experience, without having to worry much about scanning in, long wait times, or anything else that can take away from the actual event.

You’ve worked with a lot of different events over the years. Are there any overall trends you’ve noticed emerging in the past several months?

RFID technology has really become a key player in the last few years. It’s so efficient, and the possibilities of what you can do with it are nearly limitless. For example, you can add cashless information to your wristband to make purchases at vendor booths within the event, and then use the information on each wristband to create a customer profile to later create more personalized event experiences. Sponsorship activations, specifically, have really utilized this technology to connect with more consumers.

You have a passion for languages and are currently spending a lot of your free time learning to become multilingual. What language are you focused on currently?

I’m currently learning Spanish, and once I become conversationally fluent in that, I hope to begin learning French as well. I love to travel, so being able to speak the national languages of other countries will open up a lot of doors and make engrossing myself in other cultures that much easier.

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