Meet the Team: David Kennedy, Senior Marketing Specialist

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Thursday, June 27th, 2019
Meet the Team: David Kennedy, Senior Marketing Specialist

As a whole, our Marketing team is responsible for a wide variety of duties, each supporting the primary goals of connecting ticket buyers with our partners’ events and demonstrating our powerful tools and services to new potential partners. Today we’ll chat with David Kennedy, our Senior Marketing Specialist, who works to support our partners and our sales team through a variety of avenues including social media, blog and website content, ad campaigns, and much more.

David is a Pittsburgh-area native who realized from an early age that he wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry in one form or another. After searching for the educational path that best suited his career aspirations, David enrolled in Point Park University’s Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management major, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. While in school, David grew his skills with several internship opportunities in various aspects of the Pittsburgh live event community, including positions in sponsorship at Live Nation, PR and engagement for a local producer of live performance videos, and marketing at local music venue Stage AE. It was through these internships that David learned his strengths, and decided the marketing field was where he would excel.

After joining the ShowClix team in 2015 as part of our Customer Care department, David quickly made his desire to assist in our marketing initiatives known. Before long, he became a full-time member of our Marketing team, and eventually earned the title of Senior Marketing Specialist. Today, David continues to support each of our internal marketing goals by managing our social media presence, blog content, paid search campaigns, and public relations activities, as well as working alongside our Sales team, Client Services team, and the rest of the Marketing team to support quite a few other initiatives and goals company-wide.

What does a typical work week look like for you as a Senior Marketing Specialist?

As just about anyone in this industry will say, most work weeks are far from typical. That being said, there are quite a few regular duties I attend to each week. Every Monday I submit that week’s social media content schedule to our VP of Marketing for approval, and ensure each post is shared in a timely manner throughout the week. Then, I’ll spend time each day monitoring inbound lead submissions within Salesforce, keeping an eye on our Google Ads paid search campaigns, and checking my emails from partners, coworkers, and third-party service reps. I also work with our Marketing Intern, Erin, each week to engage with and promote our partner events via our website and social profiles, monitor our SEO performance, and more. On any given day, though, so much else could be going on – trade show preparation, special event organization, press release management – there’s never a dull moment!

You first joined our team as one of our Customer Care Representatives, then made the transition into Marketing. How do you think that experience working with our customers one-on-one helps you in your current role?

On a daily basis I am interacting with countless partner events, whether it be connecting on social media, organizing a blog post, managing website placement, or otherwise. Having an understanding of each event vertical as a result of years of actually supporting those events via phone and email is incredibly useful in being able to speak to and about each partner in a personalized way. Customer support provides so many unique insights that you couldn’t even imagine without actually experiencing it for yourself!

As you know, Marketing is a broad field that offers opportunities in everything from social media, to SEO, to email marketing. What advice do you have for those who know they’re interested in Marketing, but are unsure of which specialty to pursue?

Internships are so incredibly helpful in getting an actual snapshot of what a particular career path entails. I took so many unpaid, seasonal, and temporary positions to get a feel for each aspect of the industry before I was able to really identify where my strengths lie. While these options may not exist for everyone, I would highly suggest searching for any opportunity to get real world experience, as there are so many things a classroom just can’t emulate.

What are some tools you use to help you in your day-to-day duties?

Slack is a tool I use daily to stay connected with members of the Marketing department, our Sales and Client Services teams, and members of other Patron Technology product teams who don’t work in our office. In terms of day-to-day social media management, Hootsuite is also very helpful in scheduling posts throughout the week. Also, it might sound a bit dated, but a simple to-do list on a notepad does wonders for keeping things organized. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying that being able to physically cross something off that list!

You’ve been to tons of live music events over the years, either behind the scenes or as an attendee. What’s one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had?

When I was interning at Stage AE, I spontaneously ended up being part of a large group of people dancing on stage as MC Hammer performed “U Can’t Touch This” at a Halloween party. It was memorable to say the least.