Meet the Team: Jared Manfredi, Mobile Software Engineer

  • By Cara Hoover | Thursday, January 26th, 2017
Meet the Team: Jared Manfredi, Mobile Software Engineer

As smartphones and other mobile devices continue to grow more powerful, our expert team develops new tools to anticipate and exceed our partners’ changing needs. Mobile software engineers are natural problem-solvers, exceptional collaborators and eager to see an issue through to successful completion. Today, we are excited to introduce Jared Manfredi, our Mobile Software Engineer.

Jared graduated from Penn State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Soon after college, he worked for PKMJ Technical Services where he developed web applications for the nuclear industry. Jared then started working at PNC Bank on the database team.

Eager to change career paths, he began to teach himself the mobile side of programming. He landed a job working for Mobile Technologies, a speech recognition and machine translations startup that developed the app Jibbigo – an offline voice translator that does not need phone or data connectivity to function.

In 2012, Jared learned about ShowClix from the tech community and saw that we had a job opening. He applied and quickly landed the job as our first Mobile Software Engineer. Since his start at ShowClix, he has developed and continues to maintain many of our diverse collection of mobile applications including: our box office, scanning app, and mobile companion.

Being a mobile software developer, you work on key shared components underlying our Mobile applications. Where does your passion stem from?

My passion really stems from the opportunity to see our apps in the hands of users and the way it changes how they run and operate their events. It’s really rewarding knowing that you had a hand in helping someone solve problems they might not even realized they had. Streamlining access to events or showing our partners their event metrics in real time are just a couple of the features we offer through our mobile apps. It is great when we see how our partners are using these features and embracing them to make their processes better. This really makes my job all the more fun.

How do you see mobile apps becoming more integrated into live events?

There are many ways in which mobile apps are already changing the way people interact, whether it be directly with performers, or each other at venues – and it’s really interesting. Here at ShowClix, we are always focused on raising the bar when it comes to the “fan experience,” and these integrations will only keep getting better and better as technology also evolves. Right now, the convenience of having all that event intelligence right on your device is extremely advantageous to our partners. From floor maps, to where a presenter will be, even the ability of a promoter to send out information directly to an attendee is really powerful. I’m excited to see how apps keep evolving to improve experiences for fans.

You have been with ShowClix for 4 years now, what has been the most rewarding project you’ve worked on at ShowClix?

It’s been that long, huh? Time flies when you’re having fun! I think the most rewarding project has probably been working on the event access app Axess for New York Comic Con. It’s been the project where I’ve had the opportunity to see thousands upon thousands of people use our app simultaneously, while witnessing the resulting effects on the fans and venue. Our ShowClix Live app is a close second. Live has been a fun app to work on as well. We’ve provided our partners with a place to easily view their event data and offer them the ability to see these metrics update in real-time. For example, our partners can send out a tweet, start a new marketing campaign, and track their effects on ticket sales as soon as they hit send!

In the tech world, there are always new and changing technologies being developed. What resources do you use to keep up with the latest trends?

I use Twitter a lot to follow notable developers in both the iOS and Android communities. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to interact with other developers and share information in addition to keeping an eye out for things that I might want to learn more about. Blog posts and podcasts are also a good way that I like to stay up-to-date. I think one of the biggest challenges is really being able to balance the firehose of information and sift through what’s really relevant and useful without getting overwhelmed.

You won the Dr. Dolittle Award this year (employee with the most love for their pets). Tell us about the newest furry member of your family. 

I have had a borderline obsession with Bernese Mountain Dogs for quite a while now as I always thought they were such good looking dogs. Reading more about the breed only made me more excited, given their temperament and overall personalities. So, last April my wife surprised me with the best wedding gift ever, a Berner! We named him Waffle and he’s now 6 and a half months old and a gentle giant as my wife calls him. I’m sure I won’t stop talking about him anytime soon, I have to try and win the award again!

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