Meet the Team: Jon Brown, Internal IT Specialist

  • By Cara Hoover | Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
Meet the Team - Jon Brown, Internal IT Specialist

Our Internal Information Technology department is vital to our company’s day-to-day functions. With the ability to diagnose and resolve any technical hardware or software issues promptly, this department is what keeps the daily workflow at ShowClix secure and efficient. Today we’re happy to introduce Jon Brown, our Internal IT Specialist, whose main duties include making sure our resources are always up and running at full capacity.

Jon grew up in Pittsburgh, where he attended ITT Technical Institute and Robert Morris University to study Computer Science, later transferring to Western Governors University to finish his degree.

Before ShowClix, Jon had every job in the book, from being the man behind the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese to Uber driving. He spent a few years in the Technology Department at PNC Bank, and later worked for rue21 as the Assistant Manager of the Help Desk. After staying at rue21 for just over a year, the ShowClix team was lucky enough to hire Jon as our Internal IT Specialist in January 2016, and he hasn’t looked back since!

Today, Jon continues to automate an issue resolution workflow, centralize information, and keep everyone in-the-know with consistent updates.

You are the point of contact for any support our team needs for IT services including user computer hardware, software, and other workplace technical services. What does an ordinary day for you look like?

An ordinary day for me is typically all over the place. My position is more reactive than proactive, so I never really know what I’m going to walk into when I get to work every day. On Monday, I may need to perform maintenance on our WiFi connectivity. On Tuesday I might only get a couple tickets in for small issues, so I’ll have time to work on bigger, ongoing projects. I also have days where I’m helping someone for a few hours while we address a specific issue/update with their computer. It’s always changing everyday and never stays the same.

You have lots of diverse interests, from shoes to fashion to music. How did you decide that information technology was the career path for you? Where did your interest in IT come from?

My interest in IT actually came from my mother when I was young, and from watching computer geek/hacker movies. She was doing quality assurance work all of her life, so I always had access to a computer growing up. I just kind of fell into it and grew to enjoy it. Back then, I knew it would only continue to evolve and never go away, so I’d always have a job in IT. Further down the road, I realized that you need to specialize in something to maximize your potential, and I’m a jack of all trades at the moment. That being said, I’d like to continue to grow and find my specialty.

People tend to have an idea in their head of what it means to work in IT. What is one specific aspect of your job that you think might surprise others?

When I don’t know the answer to something or need to figure it out, I turn to the internet, and Google just happens to be one of my best friends. I think people who aren’t in IT feel that someone like myself needs to know it all, all the time. If I don’t know the answer, I research and figure it out before attacking the issue. It’s all about connecting the dots, and the internet is a powerful place that is full of information. You can never stop learning.

You have been with ShowClix for almost two years now. How is ShowClix different from other environments you’ve worked in?

ShowClix is a wonderful environment to work in compared to my previous jobs. I was so used to the corporate lifestyle other places had to offer that I was never able to just be myself. To go from that kind of environment to ShowClix, where I’m accepted for who I am, is a great and necessary change that I needed in my life. It’s pretty cool when a lot of the people here are musicians, artists, etc. ShowClix is great at picking people with personalities that mesh so well.

Work/life balance is an incredibly important aspect to any career. We know that you have lots of passions outside of work, like creating music, photography, and of course your family. Can you tell us a little more about your life outside of the office?

99% of the time, my life outside of work revolves around my two beautiful children, Allyn and Julian. Everything I do is for them. I’m always at some sporting event, school event, or birthday party for another kid, or I’m working to provide for my family. The other 1% that I have left allows me to be the creative person that I am at heart. I love music: my artist name is Jon Quest (the shortened and grown up version of Johnny Quest). I’m also one half of a hip hop group called “Varsity Squad.” Music simply allows me to put my life and imagination on a platform to share with the world. I feel like I see art everyday when I walk around in random places, so when I take a break from music, that passion for art turns into photography. I also had a great experience last year when I had the opportunity to grow through AlphaLab, a startup incubator. My team and I had developed an app called MyStylist. I’m always thinking of more ideas to bring to life. Bottom line – I just like to create and live my life to the fullest.

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