Meet the Team: Jonathon McCurley, East Coast Director of Sales

  • By Cara Hoover | Tuesday, March 13th, 2018
Meet the Team: Jonathon McCurley

Our Sales team is imperative in driving the growth of our company through identifying new opportunities and converting those leads into partners. They work alongside our Marketing and Client Services teams to ensure each of our potential and current partners is given the highest level of attention-to-detail possible. Today we chatted with Jonathon McCurley, our East Coast Director of Sales. Jonathon brings over 16 years of sales knowledge and experience to our team!

Jonathon works for us out of New York, though he originally hails from Houston, Texas, where he attended the University of Texas – Pan American. He had played soccer his whole life, and had the opportunity to play with a scholarship in college. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business in 1996, Jonathon played professional soccer in Houston for seven years. Jonathon credits his time in professional sports with providing him an amazing sense of time management, due in large part to the intense lifestyle of balancing various full-time jobs with his soccer career. He would work 40-60 hour weeks and still make time for soccer training at night and traveling to games on the weekends.

After his professional soccer career came to an end, Jonathon worked as an engineering recruiter for NASA, searching for engineers to work on space projects. Soon after that, he started working in advertising and marketing. During this time, he gained a lot of experience working with live events like the Super Bowl, wherein he learned a great deal about event promotion. With this experience, he found himself on a new career path in ticketing sales for ExtremeTix, starting in 2003. Jonathon was with ExtremeTix for 10 years, working alongside all kinds of events across the country. In 2011, Jonathon began working for Ticketfly, and continued to work there for over six years as a Director of Sales.

He began working at ShowClix as our East Coast Director of Sales in 2017. Today, Jonathon works with existing partners to find what they want, establishes strong relationships, and creates solutions to ensure a smooth sale process. He enjoys spending time with his family, and loves staying active by golfing, snowboarding, and playing soccer, and his ticketing industry friends like to call him “Outlaw” because he is known for showcasing his custom rodeo-style shirts!

Describe a typical day in your role as a Director of Sales working remotely from New York.

My typical day working remotely consists of waking up early to get the kids off to school and then sitting down and planning my day out. I really enjoy working from home as it removes the time spent commuting to an office, allowing me to better focus on my duties. Once I begin work around 7:30-8:00am, I have the ability to respond to emails, set call task for the day, as well reach out to co-workers to coordinate daily and weekly tasks. This really allows me time each morning to execute a daily and weekly game plan. Another thing I enjoy about working from home is that I can stay focused on my day-to-day tasks without any interruptions of busy office noise. I tell people that I love the freedom of remote work because I can be as animated on the phone as I like, and never have to worry about bothering anyone!  

You have 16+ years of experience in the ticketing industry. What is your favorite part of this career, and what advice can you offer to someone aspiring to a similar career path?

My favorite part of this industry is that there is never a dull moment. There are no mundane daily tasks that I have to deal with. I love the excitement of the industry to talk and work with so many fun, entertaining, and cool events. My advice to offer others is that you have to have great time management skills and be an extremely people/relationship person. You have to be able to accept “NO” as an answer from time to time, but still be able to build off those relationships at all times. Another piece of advice I would give is you have to be equipped with a thorough understanding of the technology of your system in order to be able to fully demonstrate its potential benefit to both leads and current partners.  

What’s some positive feedback you’ve received from a ShowClix partner or prospect that you are proud of?

Some positive feedback I have received comes from ShowClix partners that I have known for 15 years or more. When I have presented the platform to them, they have been amazed that we’re able to adapt to their business so well. They trust that I have brought to them the best platform to make their events successful. To quote one of our partners was once presented with our system, “WOW – this is amazing, and you guys have built amazing tools!” Moments like that really stick with me.

Working in sales means you get to become familiar with the ins-and-outs of lots of different events around the world. How does this experience help you in your role at ShowClix?

Having the knowledge of different events around the world is critical for offering top notch service to current and future partners. Not just the knowledge, but also the hands-on experience that comes from working with all kinds of events on-site, will allow you to fully understand how each type of event operates. This has allowed me to carry every piece of information to showcase and use in all aspects of my job everyday. Being able to talk with vast amounts of knowledge and experience proves that you know what you are doing, and adds tons of credibility to sales.

We know you played seven years as a professional goalkeeper in Mexico and Houston. How has this experience helped you grow, both professionally and personally?

Those were both the funnest and most trying times in my life. When you play at the professional level, you have a whole different nature of commitment to get there and stay there. This experience allowed me to push myself personally and professionally in a way that requires every last bit of mind, body, and soul. I had to manage my personal life while working a full-time job to support myself, as well commit to the training it took to stay competitive. These times showed to me that if you give up, there was always someone else who wanted your spot just as badly as you did. This spirit of never giving up and giving every ounce no matter what taught me perseverance and dedication.

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