Meet the Team: Lilly Madrid, Marketing Services Manager

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, October 30th, 2019
Meet the Team: Lilly Madrid, Marketing Services Manager

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Lilly Madrid, our Marketing Services Manager. Our Marketing Services team collaborates with our partners to help them fully utilize all of our marketing tools and features, set up robust data tracking across third-party platforms, and ultimately get the most out of all their marketing campaigns. Since joining the ShowClix team, Lilly has scaled the department by publishing a wide array of educational materials, working closely with marketing platform partners such as Audiencetools and ToneDen, and growing her team to expand the impact of Marketing Services. 

Lilly graduated from Lehigh University, where she not only received her degree in both marketing and economics, but was also heavily involved in the lacrosse club and tennis team. She’s always loved seeing things through both a quantitative and qualitative lense, which is why she initially pursued a career in financial services, as she could use her knowledge and love of marketing and economics every day. After seven years in this industry, Lilly wanted to expand  her expertise and began working with start-ups in New York City. 

During this time, Lilly worked with up-and-coming tech companies to help them better understand their target markets, develop their marketing strategies, publish valuable content, secure investors, and, in one case, find potential buyers for the company. With this valuable and diverse experience under her belt, Lilly made the move to a Pittsburgh company that helps connect people to their future schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. There, she managed traffic acquisition through paid and organic social media campaigns, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization initiatives.

Lilly quickly realized she had a passion and a talent for digital marketing. When she found the opportunity to manage the ShowClix Marketing Services department and grow its capabilities, she knew it would be a perfect fit. Today, Lilly continually searches for new opportunities to package her team’s event marketing knowledge in scalable ways. She works directly with our partners to positively impact their marketing strategies, customer engagement, and, ultimately, their ticket sales.

Walk us through a week in the life of ShowClix’s Marketing Services Manager. 

Thankfully a week in Marketing Services includes a lot of different tasks! I engage with ShowClix partners to learn more about their events, teams, and marketing strategies; help them get the most out of all the marketing tools ShowClix offers; and share recommendations for optimizing all of their digital marketing channels. Additionally, I’m actively involved in exploring and building relationships with marketing partners such as ToneDen, Audiencetools, and other platforms. At the end of the day, I’m also responsible for further developing the Marketing Services department, as well as our team members. I am so proud of the work our team does, and I know we have the opportunity to continue to grow in size, scope, and impact at ShowClix, as well as across Patron Technology. 

You’ve had a hand in creating digital marketing strategies for much of your career, so you have a comprehensive knowledge of the constantly-evolving digital landscape. What advice do you have for event marketers in the live events industry today?

People are savvy, they see a ton of different content online, and they have seemingly endless entertainment options. Event marketers need to keep this in mind, be authentic and consistent across platforms, and continually engage and expand their core community. Additionally, promoters need to strategically leverage their community as brand ambassadors by encouraging their audience to share their excitement about an event before, during, and after on social media. New ticket buyers want to see what it would be like to attend. They want to feel like they, too, could be part of this exciting experience, and they need motivation to buy now so they don’t miss out.

Talk a bit about some of the ShowClix features or tools you find to be most helpful to event organizers who are trying to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns.

Tracking, tracking, tracking! Every single day people are visiting an event’s website, social media profiles, and ticketing pages. The ShowClix system has a very easy-to-use tool so event marketers can collect, view, and use the data from their website, ticketing pages, and ticket buyers. The data is free and easy to collect. I believe 9 out of 10 marketers would love to show an ad on Facebook or Instagram to everyone who visited their ticketing page but didn’t buy a ticket, but only about 1 in 10 are actually running this type of “abandoned cart” campaign. I would love to help the other 8 event promoters use our tools to place tracking on their pages and help them set up remarketing campaigns to boost ticket sales!

You work closely with our Sales team, helping them introduce the benefits of our system’s marketing tools and our Marketing Services team to potential partners. What are some of your strategies for keeping them updated on the increasing offerings you have available?

ShowClix has so many awesome tools, partners, and solutions, it’s not easy to continually communicate and reinforce our full marketing capabilities to our Sales team, prospects, and new partners. To be as effective as possible, we customize our offering to each partner so they are getting training, access, and support on the marketing features that are the most valuable to their event and will meaningfully help them engage their unique audience and sell more tickets! 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love playing sports and being active! Growing up I played tennis, basketball, swimming, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse at different times. Additionally, I enjoy running half marathons. The hardest and most fun half marathon I have even done was at Seven Springs Mountain Resort (a ShowClix partner and also where I got married)! The Seven Springs half marathon required running up and down the ski slopes, through the woods, and at one point I think I even ran down a small airplane runway! It was raining throughout the race and took me almost an hour longer than I had planned (over 3 hours), but I finished, covered in mud, and with even more love for running and Seven Springs!

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