Meet the Team: Lucas Chiala, Staff Accountant

  • By Lindsay Biondy | Wednesday, June 27th, 2018
Meet the Team: Lucas Chiala, Staff Accountant

Our finance team is an integral part of our everyday operations. They manage revenue shares, percentages, and thresholds between the company and our partners, plus so much more. Today we’ll meet with Lucas Chiala, our Staff Accountant. Since joining ShowClix last year, he’s already proven to be instrumental in setting forth multiple new policies designed to further enhance our system.

Lucas graduated from Robert Morris University in 2016, earning a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. During his college career, he interned at Berlin Packaging, where he worked as part of the accounting team. Upon graduation, he was a offered a full-time position as a Staff Accountant at Verland Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community homes and services to those with disabilities. There, he handled billing per day and managed data entries.

Lucas was drawn to ShowClix as a result of our major role in the live events industry, and his personal passion for music and festivals. Today, he plays an essential role in developing the foundation of our accounting policies and controls. His days are spent working to ensure compliance with industry standards and gathering necessary data to continue to grow our business. When he’s not in the office, Lucas can often be found chilling with his two cats, Jacks and Bella!

As a Staff Accountant, you have a hand in day-to-day financial operations. Walk us through a typical work week as Lucas Chiala.

We try to keep a consistent schedule in place to help us finalize our monthly financial statements. Depending on the time of month, my duties vary from accounts payable to accounts receivable. Within those two main responsibilities, my tasks could vary from paying our utility bills to running the monthly billing process for every level of ShowClix partner. The beginning of the week is usually spent responding to emails, organizing, or downloading information as needed. As the week goes on, there are often projects or tasks that pop up and need to be addressed swiftly. Accounting has a bad reputation of being a boring field, but ShowClix always finds a way to keep it interesting!

Starting with your first accounting internship in 2015, you’ve gained a lot of experience in the field before finding your way to ShowClix. What advice do you have for others starting their job or internship search?

Step out of your comfort zone. You learn the most about yourself and really grow as a professional when you do. You can’t possibly learn enough, and when you are new to an industry you need to absorb every experience possible. Also, this advice may be a cliché, but dress for the job you want, not the one you have!

What are some tools you use to help you in your day-to-day duties?

We use multiple applications to create synergy between our different internal processes. A lot of companies we work with are investing heavily in tech, so they offer a lot of functionality for us. For example, SAP Concur has helped ShowClix jump from paper expense reporting to a fully online-based model. I believe it will help our HR and finance teams really excel in the cost tracking aspect of reporting, as it streamlines the process very efficiently.  

How do you stay organized and ensure tasks are completed in a timely fashion?

Organization is something I make sure to stay on top of every day. For starters, I have multiple alerts set up reminding me to visually monitor our bank account throughout each day. ShowClix is technologically advanced compared to other companies I’ve worked for, and some of the tools we have access to here make organization and prioritization a lot easier to manage. I heavily utilize Google’s suite of applications, but simple as it is, their calendar will always be a great way to keep track of everything from daily deadlines to collection reminders.

During your time at Robert Morris University, you played in the ACHA Division 1 Men’s Hockey National Championship Tournament. How has that experience shaped you today?

The whole experience was incredible, but the most vivid takeaway was the process and steps we took as a group to accomplish our goals. To this day, I take a lot of what I learned on the ice and apply it to my work here at ShowClix. It’s very easy with the finance department being stationed next to the wall with company tenets like “Win Together” and “Take Responsibility” written on it. ShowClix has a unique culture that I love being a part of. I can only hope that my life experiences will continue to help me and the ShowClix team accomplish all our goals.

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