Meet the Team: Stephanie Driscoll, Customer Care Team Lead

  • By Cara Hoover | Tuesday, April 10th, 2018
Meet The Team: Stephanie Driscoll, Customer Care Team Lead

Our Customer Care team works at building strong relationships with our partners in order to best address their needs and become experts at supporting their events. Today we sat down with Stephanie Driscoll, one of our Customer Care department’s Team Leads. Stephanie has been a huge a fan of live events her entire life. As a devoted Pittsburgh Penguins fan, not to mention her history in the event and ticketing industry, Stephanie has proven to be a strong resource to our Customer Care Team!

Stephanie graduated from Point Park University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management. Throughout college, Stephanie secured various entertainment jobs. She was on the 50/50 staff for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was in charge of Game Day Promotions for Pittsburgh Power Football, and also worked as a Box Office Assistant for Highmark Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

After graduating, Stephanie worked as a Ticket Operations Assistant for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 2 years. She heard about a job opening at ShowClix, and was eager for a new challenge in the ticketing and events industry. Stephanie joined ShowClix in 2016 as a Customer Care Representative and was promoted to Customer Care Team Lead in 2018.

Today, Stephanie works with our Customer Care team providing fast, accurate support via phone and email to thousands of ticket buyers from around the world.

As a Customer Care Team Lead, you collaborate with your team and director to ensure that customers have a great ticket purchasing experience. What sets ShowClix’s devotion to customer care apart from others?

The dedication and hard work of our department definitely shows when we’re interacting with customers over the phone and via email. We not only handle ticket orders, we’re also there to answer any questions customers may have about the ticket purchasing process, the event itself, the venue, and more. Our department’s enthusiasm is infectious, stemming from our director all the way to our representatives! Anyone who walks by our department can sense we truly love our job from some of the conversations we have on the phone with different customers. It might sound funny, but there are more times than not where a conversation goes from purchasing tickets for an event to something about the customer’s life. Customer Care truly tries to make the purchasing experience as simple and personable as possible for customers in order for them to start their event experience off on a great note!

ShowClix has so many different partners, hosting everything from local charity events to massive fandom conventions. Each partner can have very different policies, so how does your team stay organized and updated with the policies and procedures for each event?

Because we service many great events, some large and some more intimate, we do have several different workflows to abide by. One of our best and most helpful assets would definitely be our internal Wiki, which is basically our department knowledge base where all relevant event information is housed. It helps us both train new employees on different policies, as well as serve as a refresher for current employees on workflows for a specific partner. On top of that, we are in constant communication with other departments and can easily update any event’s information if there are any changes that may have occurred from one year to the next. It’s great having such an open line of communication throughout departments, as it makes explaining policies and procedures to the customers consistent.

You receive hundreds of calls and emails each day. Can you share some examples of common questions you answer, and maybe one unique outlier?

Typically our most common questions include ticket purchasing questions (how much are tickets, how many tickets can I buy, etc.) and questions about the venue itself and their procedures with bags, strollers, and ADA-related concerns. While we may not be on-site at an event, we try to have as much information about a venue’s setup as possible to be prepared for any questions from customers. We definitely have a few unique questions thrown our way every once in a while, mostly with our Branded Call Center partners where we fully assume the role of customer care for that event. My personal favorites are the calls from kids asking about Santa Claus for one of our holiday events, as they genuinely believe we’re Santa’s elves!

You’ve worked with both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds. How has that experience helped you in your current role?

Working for both organizations definitely gave me my first insights into the ticketing industry with different systems. My job with the Riverhounds was the first time I had even worked with a ticketing system, and it only fed my curiosity for this side of the live entertainment industry. Though that position was seasonal, I was able to learn a great deal about the ticketing side of the industry, and learned how instrumental the ticket office was for both event and non-event days. My position with the Pirates was also seasonal, but baseball season is much longer than soccer, especially if you’re lucky enough to make it to the postseason. I was fortunate enough to work in a more senior role which involved taking on escalations and communications with other departments within the organization. Considering my current role involves assisting with any necessary customer escalations, having that experience at my disposal has definitely helped me in my role as a Team Lead.

You were born and raised in Tampa, Florida and came to Pittsburgh for college. Tell us about how you adapted to Pittsburgh and what made you stay here.

Moving was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done, as I’d only ever lived in Tampa at that time. Going somewhere at such a young age and not knowing anyone, while terrifying, was such an exhilarating experience. Sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh start and to reinvent yourself in a new environment. Even before moving to Pittsburgh for school, I fell in love with the city itself, which made choosing to stay here after college a no-brainer. Pittsburgh is truly a city defined by its people, who are quite honestly some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet. Winters were definitely something to get used to, but, considering I’ve always been the odd Floridian who enjoys the cold weather, the transition wasn’t too difficult. After almost seven years in Pittsburgh, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

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