How to Sell Merchandise Directly on Your Event Page

  • By Sara Hess | Friday, August 10th, 2012

Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone left your event in the same t-shirt? Or if they had posters for a celebrity to autograph? Or what if you offered a CD or DVD-recording of the night’s guest speaker and sent it to your customers after the event?

Don’t worry about setting up an external online store — put these additional items on-sale right on your event listing page. Learn how by reading more…

From your snazzy customized event page, you can entice customers to also purchase your posters, CDs, shirts or any other merch along with their tickets. In order to make sure you can properly distribute your swag at the event, however, customers will not be able to purchase standalone items without purchasing tickets.

You can make the items available at will call at your event, so they can present their receipt for the online order. Also, you’ll be able to collect shipping addresses during the checkout process and mail the items well before or long after the event!

If you decide to add-on products to your ticket page, and a customer chooses not to purchase products, they will get one more chance to add those products at check-out with a “Yes, add to order!” option.

You’ll also be able to track your product sales with a special report in the admin.

Get your customers pumped for your event, and give them something physical (besides a ticket stub) by which to commemorate your event.

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