ShowClix Addresses Burning Man’s High-demand Main Sale

  • By Brian Arnone | Friday, April 26th, 2019

During Burning Man’s high-demand Main Sale on Wednesday, April 10th, we experienced some system issues, frustrating people trying to purchase tickets. This is not consistent with how we conduct business, nor was it consistent with how our first several 2019 Burning Man on-sales performed. I want to acknowledge the disappointment, anger, and frustration experienced as a result and apologize for it.

For any high-demand on-sale, we anticipate and prepare for a number of situations. Shortly after ticket sales went live, we noticed an isolated service performing slowly. We have systems in place to automatically resolve these issues if they occur. When the automated system did not respond as quickly as anticipated, we made the decision to manually intervene. Unfortunately, this manual intervention caused unintended side effects that ultimately lead to the issues that many of you experienced. Bot traffic is also something that we deal with routinely and are prepared for. It was not the primary cause for Wednesday’s issues but contributed to a slow system recovery.

As artists, performers, and builders ourselves, we are dedicated to meeting high expectations. We are privileged to be involved with Burning Man, and all of our partners, and to help them build their communities and bring their dreams to life.

We are profoundly disappointed that we did not perform in the way that the Burning Man community deserves and in the way we know we can. We apologize to the Burning Man community for the distress this has caused and are redoubling our effort and commitment to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Brian Arnone