ShowClix How-To: Ask Multiple-Choice Questions When Customers Buy Tickets

  • By Anthony | Thursday, October 15th, 2015
Multiple-Choice Questions

Now we’ll take a look at a very easy way to collect additional info from your customers when they purchase tickets.

Add custom multiple-choice questions to any event’s checkout pages, and you’ll be able to easily gather information on anything from T-shirt size for your merch to age demographics and how they heard about your event.

Estimated time: 2-5 minutes

Find the Questions tool.

Visit the Manage section and click Add Question.

Select question type and write your question.

With this tool, you can create three basic types of questions. For this tutorial, we’ll select Multiple Choice.

Now it’s time to write your question. You have a space of up to 250 characters, but try to write something that quickly gets to the point.

For example, if you want to find out what drove people to find out about your event, you could simply ask, “How did you hear about us?”

Do you need this question to be mandatory? If so, click Yes in the Required field.

Enter your multiple choice responses.

Add your first choice, and a new bar for the second choice will appear immediately below the first.

As you continue to add potential responses, more fields will keep appearing.

Need to rearrange the order of your questions? Just click and drag the fields to adjust the order in which they’ll appear for the customer.

If the question is mandatory, you may want to consider including an Other or n/a response. While the info you’re collecting is important, you won’t want to miss out on a potential sale!

Click Save when you’re ready to move on.

Assign your question to the event (or all events!)

The page will refresh and you’ll see a new menu at the bottom. This is where you’ll see every location where the question has been assigned.

Since it’s a new question, the menu is blank, so click Assign to… for a list of options. Now you’ll decide whether to assign the question to every event and all new events (Global) or to be more specific.

For this example, let’s start by assigning it to one event. Click Events in the dropdown to open a new window. Then, find the event for which you want to ask the question.

Select whether to ask the question for every ticket, every ticket order, or once per event.

Click Assign. Your question is now part of the checkout process for that event!

You can also assign questions to several events at once, or you can limit it to individual price levels. As we mentioned, the Global option is also available if you want to assign the question to all current and future events.

And don’t worry! Even if you assign a question globally, you can still deactivate it later.

For more info on custom questions, visit our Questions help guide.

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