Using Alfred for Speedy Searches in Your Database

  • By Sara Hess | Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Efficiency is crucial for event planning, so we found a faster way to search your ShowClix admin, all with a little help from our quick-launch friend, Alfred.

Alfred is a keyboard-driven OSX application that helps you quickly search and access your applications. We’ve even been using it here in the office to rapidly navigate our platform and speed up our tasks.

To get started, visit and install the free application on your computer—sorry Windows friends, it’s currently Mac only!—then watch this quick, five-minute tutorial on the basics of Alfred. Once you are familiar with the program, you can start finding shortcuts through ShowClix.

After launching the application, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Click Features and then Default Results.
  • To get the most out of Alfred, check Folders, Images, and Text Files.
  • Click the Web and URL tab and select Custom Search.
  • Click the + symbol at the bottom of the application to create a new custom search.
  • Enter the following URL:{query} . Additionally, you could search customers by using this URL:{query} .
  • Enter your keyword (ex. “ShowClix events”) and click Add. You’re finished!

Now you can open Alfred and type your keyword (“ShowClix events,” “ShowClix customers,” etc.) to begin searching the admin!

Not only is this a great way to quickly look up information within the ShowClix admin, Alfred will streamline the way you use your Mac computer. We recommend it for the tech savvy, the obsessive checker, and the everyday professional. Give it a try today!

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