Why You Should Switch to a Web-Based Box Office

  • By Sara Hess | Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Limited by your old box office software? Forget the installation discs and expensive hardware—with a computer and an Internet access, you can start selling tickets anywhere on a web-based box office. It’s easier to use; it records all of your data for you; it’s available whenever you’re online.

Our web-based box office system, Crowd, doesn’t need any special hardware for your events. All you need is your ShowClix account and an Internet connection.

Easy to learn, set up, and get started.
Set up the web-based box office on computers at any of your locations, and you and your staff will be able to sell tickets anywhere. Train others in minutes—really, they could probably learn on their own, since the system is so visually helpful—and as the administrator, you’ll be able to set up access for each member on your team.

Keep track of your ticket sales.
Forget crunching numbers on your own! You can erase time and error when you access Crowd’s analytics. Reports can be organized by online sales, phone sales, mail order sales, and walk-up sales, and it’s easy to export that data to an Excel spreadsheet. 

Sell tickets anywhere.
Set up a point-of-sale anywhere you have Internet—wireless or wired. Crowd is essentially a traveling web-based box office for selling tickets, suited for any computer, iPad, or touch-screen device.

Save time. Delete your lines.
Crowd accepts all types of transactions, allowing you to enter secure, sensitive customer data on the fly. Even if the transaction is made with cash, you’ll be processing sales and recording that customer’s information for future use. In fact, all of your customers’ contact information will be stored for your records so you’ll be able to reach them before or after the event. Did someone say “mailing list?”

Want to learn more? Check out the video featured above that explains a little more about Crowd in action.