12 Event Day Essentials

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, June 4th, 2019
12 Event Day Essentials

After months of planning and organizing, event day is finally here, and you’re ready to usher crowds of excited attendees through your doors. But before you do, have you taken every step to ensure no unexpected surprises pop up throughout the day? Our team of experienced Event Ops professionals have put together a list of their top 12 event day essentials that are sure to help keep everything running smoothly!


Absolutely critical to your admissions strategy is your scanning hardware. Take special care to make sure all your scanners are accounted for, charged, and working properly as soon as you step into the venue.

Cell phones

It may go without saying, but keep your phone charged and with you at all times to ensure you’re constantly connected to all aspects of your event. Whether or not you utilize walkie talkies or other methods of communication on-site, your phone can still be hugely important in getting in touch with team members, calling for emergency services, and even taking awesome photos of fans for social media.

Portable backup chargers

A major factor of carrying your cell phone at all times is making sure it’s charged! Don’t get caught with your battery low in the heat of all the event day excitement. Bring a few portable backup chargers for a quick on-the-go power-up for your phone, scanners, tablets, and other devices.


You never know when you’re going to need to tighten up loose ends, so be sure to have at least a basic tool kit that’s easily accessible throughout the day. Stages, panel chairs, and exhibit equipment are notorious for needing a little on-the-fly TLC.

Mobile hotspots

Packed venues are known for often having less-than-optimal WiFi and mobile network access. Be sure to come prepared with enough mobile hotspots (sometimes referred to as MiFis) to keep your scanning equipment and personal devices connected throughout the event.

Extra extension cords

No matter how many times you run through your event’s layout, there will always be a need for an extra cord or two. Save yourself that quick run to the store by keeping several close at hand.

Gaffer tape

This is one of our personal favorites. Gaffer tape secures pesky cords that run all over the event floor, keeping attendees and staff safe from tripping without leaving any damage to the venue.

Logins and passwords

If your devices unexpectedly require a last-minute reboot on-site, you need to be sure you and your team are able to log back in quickly and confidently. Ensure all appropriate staff and supervisors have access to necessary login credentials to prevent unnecessary bottlenecking during the admission process. We recommend using a single sign on tool like LastPass for ease and security where possible!


Rain or shine, the show must go on! Keep your team warm and dry by having plenty of these wardrobe essentials on hand if there’s even a possibility of rain in the forecast.

First-aid kits

Safety always comes first when it comes to your team and attendees. Most prepackaged kits have what you need, so remember to swing by the local drugstore to pick some up.

Change of clothes

If one thing is certain about on-site event work, it’s that nothing is certain! Be prepared for any unfortunate situation by bringing an extra set of clothes to change into if need be.


Show days mean long, busy hours for event organizers. Don’t forget your caffeine boost to get you through the rush!