3 Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Social Media Photography

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, June 15th, 2017
3 Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Social Media Photography

Want to know the secret behind taking awesome and inexpensive event day photos? It’s your phone! Create stunning new content by learning where to place your social team, identifying which low-cost tools can capture the feel of your event, and discovering how to call attention to your content with built-in editing tools.

Give your event day photos a boost with these tips and features.

Never miss the perfect shot

Making sure your social team is in the right place at the right time can be the key to your event’s social media success. Save yourself from missing out on a goldmine of social content by constructing a well thought out shot list. Capture every detail, from your crew setting the stage, to the moment your headlining act walks through the door, to your fans screaming for an encore at the end of the night. Keep an eye on the timeline of your event, and be sure your team has their phones in hand. Caught up in the heat of the moment? Save every exciting and unexpected moment by using burst mode to capture a flood of sequential photos!

Image design on a dime

If expensive editing software falls outside of your event budget, look no further than your phone; it’s jam-packed with user-friendly features that can take your event photos to the next level. Not only do most mobile devices offer built-in filter and cropping options, you can also utilize the mark-up feature to leave messages and drawings that will encourage excitement and engagement from your fans. Just remember to preserve the original, you never know when you’ll want to reuse or update an image!

If you’re looking for more advanced editing of your event photos, remember that free design websites like Canva and BeFunky are also at your disposal. Both are easy to use image and photo design tools that allow you to add borders, text, and other designs to make your photos stand out.

Explore inexpensive camera phone hardware

Kick-start your social game with phone attachments that transform your iPhone or Android into the perfect event day camera, by capturing the unique look and feel of your event while leaving your attendees craving more. Snag a flattering group shot and put your event floor in the spotlight with a lens widening accessory like the ZiKON 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Bundle, or a flash accessory like the Auxiwa camera light for better contrast and detail. And don’t forget to give your selfies a boost too. Take advantage of the extra angles and perspectives offered by a selfie stick!