3 Reasons Why Event Professionals Should Use Google Analytics

  • By Amy Mrazek | Thursday, August 21st, 2014

If you run a business online, you’ve probably heard a lot about Google Analytics and how much it can help you increase sales (if you’re not already using it!). But how does understanding website traffic help you sell more tickets to an event?

Google Analytics is a powerful, free analytics tool for anyone with a website, and it helps you by analyzing your site, customers and marketing initiatives.

A typical Google Analytics report will tell you:

  •      How many visitors have come to your site in a given period
  •      What percentage of visitors are coming to your site for the first time
  •      Where your traffic is coming from (e.g., Google, Facebook)
  •      How long visitors stay on your site
  •      What pages are visited and for how long
  •      Where they’re located geographically

So now what can you do with this information?

Site optimization: With this data, you will be able to make smarter adjustments to your website. For example, if you see that most people are dropping off on a certain page of your site, you can update that page with new content in an attempt improve the visitor experience and keep potential customers around longer.

Customer demographics: Google Analytics can collect information about visitors to your site such as age, gender, interests, location, mobile device usage and much more. With this data, you can then create effective event marketing campaigns targeted to the right people.

Marketing data: Google Analytics can capture data from any online marketing initiative. If you advertise on Facebook or launch a paid search campaign, GA will collect the data to help you optimize and determine what is working best. Even if you have a smaller marketing budget, Google Analytics can track smaller initiatives like social media posts and email link information.

To help with the optimization, we provide a Google Analytics feature for anyone selling tickets with ShowClix. Just provide us with your Universal Analytics number in the Admin, and we will allow you to track your event pages all the way through to the end of the online ticket purchase process.