3 Ways Social Influencers Can Improve Your Event Marketing

  • By David Kennedy | Monday, March 14th, 2022
3 Ways Social Influencers Can Improve Your Event Marketing

Social media influencers seem to be everywhere these days. That said, have you taken the initiative to investigate what influencer marketing could offer your event? In the age of social media saturation, the overall effect social influencers have on their followers can be extensive. By tapping into the sense of authenticity a sponsored influencer post can evoke, your brand has a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on audiences that other more traditional marketing tactics just can’t replicate.

Read on to find out how influencers can help you sell more tickets, build a devoted social following, and get your event in front of new fans!

Increase Ticket Sales

Social media influencers are called “influencers” for a reason; their voice has a very real impact on the thoughts and actions of their followers. Harnessing the power of a devoted and engaged follower base on platforms like TikTok and Instagram can have huge benefits to your bottom line. When it comes to encouraging ticket sales, instead of focusing only on a small selection of macro-influencers (celebrities or massive personalities with immense follower counts), consider also partnering with a diverse group of micro-influencers whose services you may be able to employ in exchange for free event tickets, on-site VIP accommodations, or smaller overall monetary payments. Be sure to track each sale they bring in, no matter how large or small the influencer is, by using tagged URLs so you can see who brings you the most value.

Grow Your Social Following

The source of any influencer’s marketing power is their devoted following. Direct your partner influencers to help drive traffic to your social profiles by sharing links to your event’s accounts, and prepare to see some swift follower growth! In growing your social following, you will be expanding the captive audience for your constant stream of event-related posts, including calls to action (“Buy tickets now!”). In this way, your influencers can help to create a less obstructive way to push ticket sales. And if most of your partners are micro-influencers, you may be able to reap these benefits in exchange for as little as free event tickets or merch!

Expand Event Awareness

By partnering with a wide variety of macro and micro influencers, you also have the potential to tap into previously unreached audiences. For example, a comic convention organizer adding a new video gaming section to their event may decide to partner with a local gaming TikTok account or Twitch streamer to spread awareness to their audience, who may previously have had no connection to the event. Expanding awareness of your event to an untapped larger audience will bolster everything from ticket sales to organic social media buzz and engagement. Social influencers have the unique ability to bring these results to life with amazing success rates!