3 Ways Timed Entry Optimizes Ticketing for Your Attraction

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018
3 Ways Timed Entry Optimizes Ticketing for Your Attraction

As an organizer of special exhibits, pop-up museums, or other walk-through attractions, you know exactly what it takes to present an immersive experience that keeps attendees pouring through the door. Such a high level of popularity, however, can become overwhelming without the proper tools in hand. By employing an event ticketing partner with a powerful timed entry solution, you can eliminate excessive on-site queuing, staffing challenges, and missed ticket sales by accurately distributing and anticipating attendee levels throughout the entire run of your event.

Control capacity across time slots

With a robust timed entry solution, you’ll boost customer satisfaction by eliminating on-site wait times, and you’ll enhance the overall attendee experience by controlling how many people can be in your event at any given time. Our system’s timed entry event setup enables you to sell tickets online and on-site at individual time slots. It allows you to create an event once and instantly build a schedule to replicate its details across all time slots. Not to mention, you can add custom messaging during the checkout process to let your customers know when a time slot is selling quickly or already sold out.

Sell more tickets

By distributing your ticket inventory across customizable dates and time slots, you’ll prevent overselling at peak hours and encourage ticket sales during lower-demand time slots. Knowing exactly when your attendees are going to show up reduces the chances of bottlenecking, meaning you’ll maximize your bottom line by selling the highest possible number of tickets throughout the day without ever having to worry about a single time slot being filled beyond capacity! Plus, our timed entry features are easily customizable, allowing you to adjust inventories, pause sales, or even exchange tickets at a moment’s notice.

Maximize resources and optimize staffing

Knowing exactly when to expect large crowds is a huge asset in planning your staffing needs. By pulling attendee data from your timed entry ticketing solution, you can quickly identify your event’s busiest times and schedule staffing accordingly. Plus, you can pass this data along to any on-site food, beverage, or merchandise vendors, helping them efficiently plan ahead according to expected event attendance.

If timed entry sounds like just what your exhibit, pop-up, or attraction needs, look no further! Contact our team today, and see for yourself the difference our system can make!