4 Email Remarketing Campaigns to Boost Your Event’s Bottom Line

  • By ShowClix Team | Tuesday, December 13th, 2022
Photo of a pile of colorful envelopes.

From conventions, to concerts, to large-scale festivals, email remarketing is a powerful tool in any event marketer’s toolbox. Email remarketing is a method of segmenting your email marketing lists so you can reach those who have already bought tickets or who have shown an interest in your event. This enables you to promote your events and other items with relevant, personalized emails encouraging recipients to buy now.

Read on for our breakdown of four types of email remarketing campaigns that can maximize your event revenue!

Incentivize with a discount

Reward customers who have signed up for your newsletter list by emailing them a limited-time coupon code to an upcoming event. Boost engagement and make your discount emails stand out in the inbox by providing direct links to your event listing, including strong calls-to-action like “Get Your Tickets Now,” and catchy subject lines such as “Don’t wait! Your 20% discount expires soon,” or, “Your 10% Off Coupon is Waiting!”

Reach out to recent attendees

The best time to promote your next event is at the conclusion of your current one! Your event is already top of mind, so consider remarketing to your past ticket buyers, rewarding their loyalty by offering exclusive access to purchase early. Be sure to capitalize on their recent excitement by including memorable photos of your event and share links to your social platforms so they can jump right back into the conversation.

Upsell after the ticket sale

Upsell to your customers soon after they purchase tickets. Offer ticket upgrades, VIP experiences, merchandise, or parking passes. Be sure to personalize the message by using words like “you” and “your,” use dynamic HTML coding to populate each individual recipient’s name, and use phrases like “merch we knew you’d love.”

Promote to similar audiences

If you run multiple events annually, target past attendees with remarketing emails featuring a similar event coming up. For example, if you host a fandom convention in one city and a gaming expo nearby later in the year, send a remarketing email to those who bought tickets to the convention, but did not yet buy tickets to the expo. Since they’re already purchased tickets to one or your events, they’re more likely to buy again!