4 Essential Social Media Tools for Event Professionals

  • By Amy Mrazek | Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Like organic and paid search, social media is a crucial part of an event marketer’s toolkit.

From Facebook to Instagram, managing the numerous platforms can be overwhelming, but luckily there are other third-party tools to help you save time, boost engagement, and easily edit your content.

Here are our favorite social media tools for event professionals:


Hootsuite allows your team to manage up to 100 social profiles in one place. You’ll be able to schedule social posts in advance, monitor every profile, and measure your social media metrics over time. You will be able to see what event posts are working, when it’s best to post, who your influencers are, and any trends you can use for future events.


It’s a known fact that posts on social media that include images can boost engagement, but your fans won’t even notice your images unless they’re well-made. BeFunky is an easy-to-use photo editor with a complete suite of image editing tools like cropping, scaling, filters and text. It can help you quickly edit your event photos and create great new images from old photos to share with your fans.


When it becomes difficult to keep track of all the different places your event is mentioned on social media, you have a good problem on your hands. Mention can track anywhere that your company or event is online in real time. Then, you can create alerts and take action right away.


Keep track of your hashtag campaign or specific keywords on social media with Keyhole. Boasting an analytics dashboard complete with demographics and influencer data, you can monitor a new hashtag or search phrase throughout your event’s entire lifecycle.