4 Reasons to Offer a Presale for Your Event

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, December 7th, 2017
4 Reasons to Offer a Presale for Your Event

Looking to drum up buzz around your event and reward your loyal customers? While one of the primary goals of a presale is to drive customers to buy tickets early, there are plenty of other benefits to having a presale for your event.

Read on to find out how hosting a ticket presale can help increase your bottom line!

Cash in on the Fear of Missing Out

With a limited number of tickets available for a brief amount of time, a presale encourages your customers to take action. It sparks the conversation around your event and increases social engagement by creating a sense of urgency. Start building the hype by posting a teaser of when the presale will launch, pairing a presale with an announcement, and using language like “don’t miss your chance”.

Reward Loyal Customers

Provide exclusive access to your members, newsletter subscribers, or repeat attendees by offering them a chance to snag a ticket before the general on-sale. Send a quick email or post to your fan club’s Facebook page offering a unique presale code, making sure to detail the exclusivity of this early ticket release. For optimal results, pair your announcement with a special ticket price as a quick thank you for their loyalty. They’ll appreciate the special treatment!

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Presales are a great way to gather customer contact info early-on to keep your customers informed on new happenings surrounding your event. Use the contact info collected during your presale to keep your customers up-to-date with schedule announcements, parking information, and additional promotional opportunities with merchandise and VIP experiences.

Remarket to Those Who Haven’t Purchased Yet

Capture users on your website and during each step of the purchase process with remarketing pixels. Show ads to those who landed on your pages during the presale, but did not buy a ticket, to remind them of your event once tickets are on sale to the general public.