4 Tips to Power Up Your Facebook Content

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, February 9th, 2017
4 Tips to Power Up Your Facebook Content

With over 1.6 billion users, Facebook is your fans’ resource for entertainment and getting the rundown of your event.

Beef up your Facebook strategy with the non-promotional content your fans crave. Show them you’re as big a fan as they are by posting jaw-dropping content that keeps them checking back for your next update. Read on for our post content tips!

Sell the experience

Spoiler Alert! The next time you’re planning to promote your event’s tickets sales remember to give a sneak peek of what’s to come. Let your fans know which celebrity guests will be in attendance by adding a cool shout-out video, or post a copy of your event schedule so fans can start planning ahead.

Utilize your brand advocates

Let your fans find great content for you by sharing from their pages. Look for posts that receive high engagement and showcases their passion for your event. Share pics of your fans in their cosplay finest or eye-catching selfies with returning panelists. Your fans will go wild for the shout-out, and will want to share their experience with their friends – so remember to tag them in the post!

Create memeable content

Show your events personality by creating memes that play off of pop culture fads or what’s going on in the world. Keep your memes relevant by choosing themes that you know your fans would be interested in seeing, like a quirky holiday post. So the next time May 4 or a superhero’s birthday comes around, post a witty meme that gets your fans laughing.

Challenge your fans to a nerd off

Put a pause to the newsfeed scrolling by posting content that puts your fans’ nerdom to the test! Fans will love the opportunity to show off their hard earned knowledge by participating in quick in-the-moment quizzes. New Avenger or Justice League movie coming out? Post a poll asking which movie your fans think newbies should start out with. Then for the die hard fan, ask them to describe their favorite comic book hero using only emojis!