4 Ways Fandom Events Can Use Instagram’s Multi-Image Posts

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, April 20th, 2017
4 Ways Fandom Events Can Use Instagram's Multi-Image Posts

Instagram continues to be one of the best social platforms for fandom organizers to spread the excitement surrounding their events. Great news – Instagram recently added a multiple image post feature allowing you to upload as many as ten images or videos in a single post. Using this feature, you can showcase so much more of what your event has to offer with posts that capture your fans’ love for your event.

Use Instagram’s multi-image posts to spike engagement with announcements of your guests, event day attractions, and merchandise!

Announce Celebrity Guests

Posting about your celebrity lineup has never been easier! Kick start the conversation around your event and make your fans go wild by honing in on specific celebrity announcements. Announce three to five celebrity photos of the cast of Doctor Who in one single post. Fans can scroll through to see who will be attending from each post. Remember to add a link to buy tickets in your bio!  

Want to really make your fans go nuts about your event? @mention your celebrity guests who are avid Instagram users – just remember to say thanks when they like and share your post!

Highlight Main Attractions

Breaking down the schedule of events on your Instagram feed will encourage your followers to share the post with their friends and help build anticipation of the fun to come! Display lists of autograph sessions, panel schedules, and featured artist hours. Make it easier for your fans by using Instagram as a go-to source of information for planning their event day. Encourage your fans to save the post to their account so they can always have quick access to your event-day schedules.

Showcase Exclusive Merchandise

Give your attendees a taste of what’s to come and get an extra boost in your merchandise sales with a post that highlights all your awesome event day merch. Include images of exclusive clothing, lanyards, and any limited edition collectibles available. Don’t forget to take this opportunity to emphasize the products included as part of your VIP packages!

Run a Contest

Put your fans’ nerd-dom to the test by hosting a contest for a free set of tickets or a free celebrity photo op right on your Instagram to boost engagement! Post four images of famous characters associated with your event and in the description list four quotes. One lucky winner who correctly matches all four quotes to their respective character in the comments section wins the prize!