4 Ways to Customize Your Event Calendar

  • By Anthony | Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
4 Ways to Customize Your Event Calendar

You’ve already been using our event template tools to modify your event listings and match your brand.

But have you taken advantage of these simple ways to customize your calendar?

With our event calendar tools, you can designate a custom URL and make your calendar a convenient and branded site for browsing your events.

Add a custom calendar URL.

  • First, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear destination for your calendar.
  • Sign in and head to the Marketing tab. Click Event Calendar.
  • This page allows you to make a few adjustments to the main page that displays your upcoming events.
  • In the Seller Short Name field, enter a custom subdomain — e.g., yournamehere.showclix.com — which will become the page where you house all of your upcoming events.
  • Tip: We recommend using a short, recognizable version of the name of your event, company, or organization.
  • Now you can use this URL in your marketing, whether it’s on social media, flyers, billboards, the radio, or wherever you promote your events!

Adjust your calendar view.

  • Do you have lots of events every day? Want an alternative to the calendar view?
  • Also on the Event Calendar menu, you can select the default presentation of your upcoming events.
  • Select No on Begin on Calendar View to present a simple list of upcoming events by default. (Selecting Yes displays the calendar instead.)
  • If all of your events take place at the same venue, you can also hide the venue’s name from all events in the list view.

Set a default template.

  • Templates are the basic visual layout of any given ShowClix event listing. You can also select a template for your event calendar!
  • Visit the Manage section. You can either create a new template or select an existing one (by visiting your list of templates and clicking the pencil icon).
  • Use the options in the template menu to add your images and customize your colors. (You can check out some tips on creating a great template with this guide on our blog.)
  • When you reach the options at the bottom of the page, click the box labeled Make This My Default Template. (Note: This will set this as your calendar template, as well as your default template for all newly created events.)

Embed the calendar on your website.

  • By default, the event calendar is also the standard view for embedded checkout.
  • In other words, when you sell tickets on your website or Facebook Page, customers will see your event calendar (unless you set it up otherwise).
  • Visit the Marketing section and head to Embedded Checkout to manage the look of your embedded checkout.
  • For example, if you’re embedding your checkout on a page that already has your branding, you may want to consider hiding the header for your default template. You can also adjust the size of the actual checkout window as it appears on your website.

As always, we’re looking for your suggestions on future how-to guides! Not sure how to do something in the ShowClix Admin? Email us at howto@showclix.com. Thanks for reading!

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