4 Ways You Can Grow Your Events Using Live Video

  • By Ashley Ranich | Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
4 Ways You Can Grow Your Events Using Live Video

Event professionals are increasingly utilizing live video to enhance their attendees’ event experience.

There a few ways that event professionals can use live video to add value to their events, and here are some of our favorites:

Pre-event Buzz

Use live video long before your event takes place to promote both in-person attendance and virtual attendance. Generate buzz with behind-the-scenes clips from event set-up, informal interviews with guest speakers, event updates, and more.

A New Form of Interaction

Event professionals have a variety of tools to add elements of interaction to their events, even for attendees who aren’t in physical attendance. Get your remote attendees into the conversation with a live Twitter or comment feed layover on your video stream.

Extend the Reach of the Event

Many event organizers are fearful that offering live streams cannibalizes its face-to-face attendees. However, studies have shown that it actually increases event attendance as attendees have different reasons for going remote or in-person.

Data Collection

Require an email sign-in, or a social media sign-in, before virtual attendees can gain access to the stream. This data can give you insights into another segment of your attendees, so that you can enhance the virtual experience in the future.

Apps for Live Video Feeds

There are a number of apps that make incorporating live video feeds into your event simple and easy. Some of the most popular out today are: