5 Reasons Your Event Should Use a Branded Call Center

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, September 6th, 2018
5 Reasons Your Event Should Use a Branded Call Center

When your ticket sales pick up and your fan base grows, so does your customer support inbox. With a relatively lean event staff, your best decision may be to utilize an outside customer support team. How, then, can you be sure that an external call center will provide top-notch support to your customers, while maintaining a consistent experience and event branding every step of the way?

 Well look no further! Our call center service can do all this and more. Read on for five key reasons why you should consider employing a branded call center for your event.

Save valuable time

By entrusting your customer support needs to a branded call center, your team will be free to devote their full attention to other event necessities. Requests like ticket exchanges, name changes, over-the-phone purchases, and general event information are just a few examples of the support a call center can provide via phone and email. When you employ our in-house call center, this process couldn’t be easier; you’ll simply provide our team with the information they’ll need to fully assume the role of customer support for your event, and we’ll handle the rest!

Personalized support

One of the most important things to consider before outsourcing your customer support is the level of personalization that fits your event’s specific needs. With our branded call center offering, your customers will never even notice they’re interacting with a separate company. With custom messaging like phone greetings (i.e. “Thank you for calling PrimaCon, how can we help you today?”), and tools like unique phone scripts, dedicated support hours, and customized email templates, you’ll have peace of mind that every piece of the support experience blends seamlessly with your event and branding.

Gain actionable insights

Every interaction with your customers has the potential to add insight into their behavior and preferences, and that should include requests to your support center. Partnering with an experienced branded call center can give you access to detailed data regarding the way your ticket buyers interact with your event. At ShowClix, our team can compile call and email metrics, frequently asked questions, and customer feedback surrounding your event to give you a clear picture of the ticket buyer experience. You can then use this valuable knowledge to optimize website content, adjust ticketing policies, and more.

Develop better policies and procedures

Have you ever wondered how you could improve your overall customer policies? Our customer support experts have worked alongside thousands of event organizers to create optimized event-specific workflows and procedures, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Put that experience to work by consulting with our team and building a clear, concise list of guidelines and policies that keep your ticket buyers happy and your event on-track to a sellout!

Ensure PCI compliance

Data security is of the utmost importance, and you need to ensure your chosen support team can protect you and your customers. Our in-house call center is staffed by support experts trained to follow strict PCI (payment card industry) policies, meaning all of your customers’ personally identifiable information and payment card details are securely and safely managed.

If a branded call center sounds like the right option for your event, contact our event experts for more information on how to get started!