5 Simple IGTV Festival Promotion Ideas

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, October 17th, 2019
5 Simple IGTV Festival Promotion Ideas

With such exciting music festivals on the scene, experienced event organizers know how important it is to make their event stand out in as many ways as possible. Fortunately, festivals offer a uniquely powerful source of marketing material for event promoters: video content. With footage of your past and current events at your disposal, including your headlining artists and crowds of excited attendees, Instagram’s IGTV is the perfect medium to use this content for event marketing! This long-form video application can host longer videos (up to 10 minutes for most accounts, and up to an hour for larger and verified accounts), meaning you can share some truly engaging video content while tapping into Instagram’s massive user base to create buzz around your event.

Not sure where to begin? Our event marketing experts have put together five simple ideas for promoting your next music festival on IGTV!

Lineup Announcements

Individually announce your festival’s top performers, exclusive vendors, and more at regularly scheduled intervals on your IGTV account. By announcing one band or performer at a time, you can share a performance from each of your newly announced artists, building anticipation by showing your audience what’s in store!

Last Year’s Performances

One major benefit of IGTV is its ability to enable event marketers to use the existing video content they already have on-hand from last year’s festival. Highlight some of your most exciting and memorable performances from your last event, while also welcoming attendees to share in some of their favorite memories to boost excitement for next year.

Performer Music Video Releases

Partner up with your top billed performers to share their latest music video via your festival’s IGTV. You’ll have the potential for some truly viral reach, and you’ll be exposing your festival to a much wider audience while generating plenty of buzz!

Fan-Sourced Performer Interviews

Invite your followers to submit questions for your headliners, then post an interview on your IGTV account using these fan-sourced questions. Your followers will eagerly watch to see if their question was selected, and you’ll be offering exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else. Not to mention, this can be an easy way to introduce your festival to fans of your performers who haven’t yet bought tickets.

Backstage Access

As show day approaches, take your followers on a backstage tour of the main stage and other performance areas. Then, once the festival begins, get permission from your headlining acts to film and share select performances from side stage. You’ll be showing those who didn’t make it what they’re missing, all while gaining more valuable content to market next year’s festival!