5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Box Office Can Do

  • By Anthony | Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
5 Things Your Box Office Can Do

You’re already using our Box Office system to handle phone sales and ticket purchases at the door, but are you making the most of what Box Office has to offer?

Box Office quickly and simply handles your point-of-sale transactions for both general admission and reserved seating events, allowing you to run multiple payment types and even split tender payments.

With the advanced features found in the Settings menu, however, you’ll take advantage of the full capabilities of Box Office and run a smoother, more efficient box office.

Automatically check in patrons.

  • First, you’ll need to sign in to the Admin and visit Box Office (the Box Office link in the top nav). Then, we’re going to navigate to Settings, found by clicking the gear icon in Box Office’s top-right corner.
  • Click Preferences in the right sidebar that appears. Then, check the Automatically Check In Patrons box to enable this feature.
  • With automatic check-in enabled, your guest list will be updated as new customers purchase tickets at the box office. Each time an order is processed, all tickets with that order will be checked in immediately.

Set defaults.

  • Now let’s make your basic usage more efficient, so that you can save time whenever you sign in to Box Office and process a new order.
  • In the Preferences menu again, check out the dropdowns for View, Capture Mode, and Delivery Option.
  • The View option determines how events are presented when you sign in — whether it’s a list view or different calendar views.
  • The Capture Mode option determines the payment collection method (such as email, in-person, etc.) entered by default for each new transaction. So if, for example, you’re running Box Office at the door, you could save time by setting your default to In Person.
  • The Delivery Option setting works just like Capture Mode. Set a default for your most common delivery method here, and you won’t have to edit it each time you process a new order. (Please note that each delivery method adjusts the email sent to a customer — for example, Mobile delivers the customer’s tickets to the phone number they provide to you.)

Customize your calendar.

  • Another simple, helpful setting found in the Preferences menu is the today’s date toggle.
  • With this default setting, you’ll force the calendar to display today’s date whenever you click the Month, Week, or Day buttons while browsing upcoming events.

Automatically handle receipts and fulfillment.

  • The other checkboxes located in this menu can automate other tasks for you, if you have the appropriate setup and equipment.
  • Everyone can take advantage of the Automatically email receipts option, which works exactly how it sounds: we’ll deliver a receipt via email to every customer who purchases tickets from you at the box office.
  • If you have a printer connected, you can also activate the Automatically print receipts setting, which saves you a step by opening the PDF receipt file after the order is completed.
  • Finally, if you’re using our online fulfillment tools, Box Office can automatically mark any new orders processed as fulfilled as well.

Run reports in the box office.

  • Now let’s back out of the Preferences menu and explore some other options in the Settings tab.
  • In the Reporting section, you can view all of the recent orders processed by this box office terminal/user.
  • Click End of Day Report to download a report of all orders you’ve processed at this box office terminal since last night at 12:00am ET.
  • This report can also be found in the Admin. Visit the Summary Exports menu in the Reports section, and select the Orders by User and Payment Method (Box Office) report. With this version, you can select any of your box office terminals/users.

Is there something else you’d like to see from Box Office? Anything that could make your life easier at the box office? Share it with us at howto@showclix.com! We’re always looking for ways to improve. Thanks for reading!

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