5 Things You May Not Have Known You Can Do With Your ShowClix Account

  • By Anthony | Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Here at ShowClix, we’re always building new features and expanding existing ones. Usually, these ideas either originate with feedback from our clients or our own team’s creativity and ingenuity for creating amazing events.

We try to cover as much of this info as possible for you in newsletters, outreach from Client Support Representatives and posts here on the blog. Still, we know that — even if you’re our biggest fan — you may have missed out on something that could make your next event a success.

So here’s a quick look at five features that you may have missed (and that you can start using today!):

• Sell tickets through your organization’s official Facebook Page. People spend tons of time on Facebook every day. Give your fans an easy way to buy tickets. Add a simple Find Tickets button to your Page, and customers will be able to complete the entire purchase process from their smartphones.

• Track sales from specific links to your ticketing page. Our tracking tags can be powerful if you know how to use them. Let’s say you’re posting a link to your event page on Twitter. If you just add “/tag/tweet” to the end of your event URL, our system will automatically keep track of every completed sale that comes through that link. That’s it. No, really!

• Survey your customers during checkout. Want to learn more about customers? Add simple answer or multiple-choice questions to the checkout process for any event. Gather T-shirt sizes or age demographics and find out which marketing outreaches are driving your ticket sales. You can even make questions optional or mandatory.

• Connect your ticketing page with Google Analytics. If you or someone on your team spends a lot of time with data, you’re probably regularly digging into Google Analytics. Already have an account monitoring your site? Follow our quick tutorial and you’ll be able to add all the metrics from your ShowClix ticketing page as well!

• Watch ticket sales in real time with Live. Our real-time analytics app* gives you the power to keep an eye on your event when you’re out and about. Whether in the Admin or on your smartphone, you’ll be able to track sales, inventory and page statistics with simple visualizations for all of your on-sale events. Check out this video which covers the basics of Live:


*(Also, Live will be an important mobile piece of an exciting new feature we’ll be unveiling in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the blog and the Admin for more info!)