5 Ways to Hone In on Important Customer Segments

  • By Ashley Ranich | Thursday, July 20th, 2017
5 Ways to Hone In on Important Customer Segments

Event organizers can benefit from a tool that filters through their customer lists to help them better understand their behavior; that’s why we built Segments! Segments lives right inside our Admin, and can group customers based on various demographic and behavioral data.

Easily filter your audience by their spending behavior, location, event attendance history, and other important variables. Then use these customer lists to enhance your marketing efforts, better your customer engagement, and send critical updates. Read on to learn about important segments you should be creating!

Create remarketing lists

No matter what type of event you organize, you can use Segments to remarket to past attendees who have not yet bought a ticket to your upcoming event. Create an email list of customers fitting this description, and send an email reminding them of your upcoming event. You may also consider offering them a small discount to entice them to buy now.

You can also use this list on other third-party marketing ad platforms. For example, run a remarketing campaign on ad platforms like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. Export your customer list from our system and upload the emails to the platform you’d like to run ads on. If one of your past customers uses the email address they used to place a past ticket order, they will be shown your ads.

Discover your most loyal customers

Maybe you want to reward your customers with a special offer for their proven loyalty, or maybe you’re wondering what segment of customers is the best audience for an upcoming ad campaign. With Segments, you can easily identify your most loyal customers by grouping them by the number of tickets they’ve purchased or total amount they’ve spent over any timeframe.

Determine frequency

Determine who buys tickets to your events most often. Frequency is an important customer attribute to factor into marketing efforts, as a customer who purchases more often is more likely to buy again. For example, determine which customers have purchased tickets to your last three events, and offer pre-sale tickets to them for an upcoming event to hit the ground running!

Group similar customers

You can use multiple choice questions during the checkout process to learn more about your customers. Then, use Segments to group them based on how they answered particular questions to send them targeted messaging and ads. Consider asking a multiple choice question about how they heard about your event, then easily see which marketing outlets are having the most effect.

Send important updates

If something comes up unexpectedly with your event, use Segments to quickly send out an email to the right group of customers. Consider sorting your attendees by when they bought a ticket, where they live, and more. For example, if there is a road closure due to construction, filter the customers who purchased tickets during that time to offer alternative routes to reach your venue via email.

Interested in learning more about Segments? Check out our How-to article and start honing in today!