5 Ways to Improve Your Pop-Up Experience in 2022

  • By Lanre Keyede | Thursday, January 13th, 2022

In just a few short years, pop-up experiences and selfie museums have grown into one of the most popular types of live attractions. From immersive art exhibitions to nostalgic TV show museums and beyond, new and exciting pop-ups are constantly entering the market. With such engaging competition, it’s important to make sure your experience stands out to potential visitors, and the most effective way to do that is with the latest and greatest event technology tools.

Read on to learn how you can start enhancing your pop-up experience to reach new attendees and keep them coming back for more!

Seamless Ticketing Features

Preparing your pop-up to welcome hundreds of excited visitors means placing your trust in a ticketing system that can support your current and future needs. A full-service solution like ShowClix enables you to have completely branded event pages to showcase your attraction, meaning customers have a consistent, seamless experience while navigating from your own website through to your ticket checkout. Plus, having add-ons like branded merchandise or ticket upgrades included on your event listing helps increase your event revenue while giving your guests more to anticipate from your pop-up! Encouraging these upsells in a user-friendly way on the checkout process is another key to boosting sales while expanding attendees’ adoption of your offerings.

Easy Registration & Waivers

If your pop-up involves interacting with live installations or other guests, it’s a good idea to make your attendees aware of this before they arrive. Add a custom waiver to the checkout process requiring guests to provide consent so they know exactly what experiences await them.

You can also dial your guest personalization efforts up a notch by housing things like completed waivers, registration information, and on-site photos and videos in a unique microsite or branded mobile app. Use this space to empower your attendees to keep track of everything they interact with at your event, so they can view all their photos and videos taken at your pop-up at any time, and keep sharing their experience long after they leave! 

Streamlined Admissions & Timed Entry

Keeping lines and wait times to a minimum is key to the overall enjoyment of the selfie museum experience! That’s where timed entry comes in. Our intuitive timed entry functionality allows you to sell tickets across multiple days and time slots, empowering you to control capacity with ease. Plus, you can add custom messaging during the checkout process to let customers know when a time slot is selling quickly or already sold out to streamline the purchase process and promote urgency.

And what about attendees who arrive at your pop-up without purchasing tickets first? Getting these new arrivals into your attraction is fast and easy with our contactless ticketing kiosks! Guests will be able to purchase tickets themselves and enjoy the event without having to rely on a member of your staff to check them in. Remember: a smooth admissions process is a step in the right direction towards getting repeat customers! 

Interactive On-Site Experiences

The best attended pop-up experiences are those that put content creation in the front seat! Providing engaging photo and video stations throughout your pop-up creates a fully immersive experience attendees (and their followers) can’t get enough of. Giving your attendees branded content to take home with them not only keeps guests entertained, it’s also a great way to increase your brand awareness with long-lasting shareable moments!

Once you’ve captured your visitors’ attention, take it a step further with a branded mobile app specific to your pop-up! Create a seamless event experience by sending out important information via push notifications, housing admission tickets for easy scanning, and instantly syncing their photos and videos to a convenient, attendee-specific microsite to download and share at their leisure. You can immerse your attendees even more through mobile gamification methods like badge collection and QR scavenger hunt, where visitors can win prizes for completing actions around your exhibition or sharing their experiences on social media. 

Post-Event Engagement

Utilizing the attendee data you collect during your event is important for future initiatives like loyalty campaigns and driving ticket sales for your next experience. This tried-and-true method of remarketing can be started directly from our platform’s Marketing Dashboard! Using historical attendee data, you can keep past guests engaged between events with announcements like new city openings and promotional offers. Or you can create marketing campaigns that target new customers based on your current fan base.

Ready to take your pop-up to the next level? Learn why major attraction organizers around the world trust our system and our team of experts to deliver the best event technology for their attractions.