5 Ways to Take Your Customer Calls to the Next Level

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, July 6th, 2017
5 Ways to Take Your Customer Calls to the Next Level

Your event is generating buzz and online ticket sales are piling up, but what about your phone sales? If a customer is taking the time to inquire about tickets over the phone, they are likely seeking a more personal purchasing experience. Take that opportunity!

Your customers are eager to make the most of their event day experience, so learn how to generate additional revenue while taking your customers’ satisfaction to the next level with our tips for top-of-the-line customer support!

Provide all price levels and offerings

If your event provides VIP packages or multi-day tickets in addition to general admission, make things simple and appealing for your customers by providing a detailed description of what exactly is offered in each package. If a customer doesn’t realize what perks they have access to, they may miss out on an enjoyable experience, and your event will miss out on that additional revenue.

Mention all upsells

Does your event offer add-ons like t-shirts, hats, pins, or other merch? Are you offering meet and greets or other special insider perks? Be sure to have your team discuss all possible upsells with your customers by making them an offer they can’t refuse!

Discuss donations

Encouraging donations during the call is an effective tactic to increase support for your organization or raise awareness for a cause your event supports. Be sure to explain how their donations will be used to benefit your organization and if there are any additional benefits of the donation. For example, when speaking to a patron of your theater, you want to note that all donors over a certain amount will be listed in the program.

Prepare a list of nearby dining

Help your guests make a night of it! Provide your team with a list of restaurants in several different price points to help personalize suggestions for your customers. Are they looking for a sit-down dinner, grabbing fast food, or do they need a kid-friendly restaurant? The extra effort makes a great impression on them, and your knowledgeable team will encourage return attendees!

Offer transportation advice

Sometimes getting to the event is half the battle. Your team should be well-versed in transportation and parking options to assist your customers in planning their trip to your venue. Provide advice on nearby parking lots and garages, bus routes, and approximate pricing and availability for each. Don’t hesitate to offer alternative options as well, like Uber or other taxi services to ease their experience.

Unsure if you have the staffing to offer this level of customer support? Not to worry; our in-house call center can help! Learn more about how our team of event experts can help put your focus back on your event.