6 Effective Sponsorship Opportunities for Live Streams

  • By David Kennedy | Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020
6 Effective Sponsorship Opportunities for Live Streams

As event organizers, we know that one of the most important event revenue sources is sponsorship placement. We’re familiar with the traditional sponsor options (venue signage, placement on printed materials, stage naming rights), but what about when it comes to virtual experiences? There are actually tons of virtual options, and presenting sponsored content in an online format can give you and your sponsors more detailed insights into performance data, like link clicks, attendee engagement, and impressions.

The most effective virtual events solution will offer multiple opportunities for sponsorships before, during, and after your entire experience. If you’re not sure what to look for, our team has you covered! We’ve listed out six virtual event sponsorship opportunities to enhance your sponsorship packages and generate more streams of revenue online. 

Pre-Stream Videos

As excited viewers await the start of your live stream, capture that anticipation by playing sponsored videos in the waiting room before the main event begins. Sell these placements in intervals of 5, 10, or 15 seconds, and mix them in between a rotation of talent “sizzle reels” or pre-recorded performer messages meant to build excitement as show time approaches, meaning all eyes will be on your sponsors!

Live Stream Page 

With our integrated virtual events solution, the description area under your stream gives you the perfect space to provide additional information about your virtual content. Utilize this space to showcase your sponsors’ logos and other custom branded messaging. And while your attendees are attentively watching your stream, why not include sponsor branding in the space surrounding the video window? Sell sponsorship ad placement for the background image that frames your streaming content, and seize the attention of this captive audience.

Sponsored Sessions

During any stream, the absolute center of attention is, of course, your actual video feed screen. Why not harness that attention with an on-screen sponsorship opportunity? Sell full sponsorships of the streaming session that include a constant logo in the top corner of the video, add text overlays featuring the sponsors messaging in the bottom corner, and use these overlay options for sponsor website links and social media profiles.

Watch Parties

Offer a select number of sponsors the chance to host a unique viewing experience of any of your streams. These branded experiences give viewers the chance to watch your live stream in a private group where they can interact with the host and other attendees, and leave viewers with a lasting impression of your sponsor’s brand!

Branded Games

Put a fun twist on your sponsorships with a branded instant win game! With our integrated gamification tools, you can create interactive games with virtually limitless branding opportunities. For instance, between live streams you could present attendees with an in-app game where they search for a pair of matching cards to win big. Place sponsor logos on the backs of the cards for a fun, engaging sponsorship that’s sure to stick with attendees long after your virtual event!

Post-Stream Messaging

Don’t stop engaging your attendees just because your stream ended! Capture that final bit of fan attention at the conclusion of your live stream by adding branded messaging on your post-event screen. With our live streaming solution, you can showcase a link attendees can click to view a sponsored site, or even automatically redirect attendees at the completion of your stream!

Interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for virtual events and live streams? Check out the complete virtual events solution powered by our parent company, Patron Technology, and incorporate these tools into your ShowClix virtual events today!