6 VIP Perks Sure to Drive Ticket Sales for Your Fandom Event

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, June 11th, 2019
6 VIP Perks Sure to Drive Ticket Sales for Your Fandom Event

As a fandom event organizer, you’re always looking for ways to offer more to your loyal fans. Depending on what perks you decide to offer, your VIP tickets have the potential to become a significant source of your event’s overall revenue, while providing even more amazing event experiences for your attendees. Our team of fandom event experts have put together a list of six perks to include in your VIP packages sure to help drive sales for your next fandom event, comic con, or gaming expo!

Special Panel Seating

Guest panels are a staple of the fandom event experience, but those featuring high-demand celebs can quickly become packed all the way to the back rows. Your VIPs will jump at the chance to get up-close and personal with their favorite creators and celebrities with the added benefit of having special, close-up VIP seating. No lines for them!

Early Admission

Give your VIPs the opportunity to be among the first to explore the vendor floor and gain their bearings for the rest of the convention by offering early entry. They’ll get first crack at purchasing exclusive collectibles, and will have an early start to their fandom experience before the GA crowds rush in.

Exclusive Merch

Further entice your ticket buyers to make the upgrade to VIP by including exclusive event merchandise in your ticket packages. Not only will the event branded merch, such as special lanyards or t-shirts, give them something to remember your convention by, it will also display that they were among the awesome group to get the full VIP treatment!

Front-of-the-line Photo and Autograph Access

Two of the primary reasons thousands of attendees flock to your fandom event are the autographs and photo opportunities they can purchase from some of their absolute favorite celebrities and creators. Encourage VIP sales by adding front-of-the-line privileges to your VIP package, and enable your ticket buyers to meet every celeb they “stan” without missing any closely scheduled ops while waiting in line.

Private Restrooms

A bustling event floor filled with excited fans is every convention organizer’s ideal scenario, but with it can also come crowded bathrooms. To help remedy this situation, a great VIP perk is a privately cordoned off rest area, including VIP-only restrooms and water stations.

Premium Parking

Even before they hit the convention floor, attendees may find the parking lot at your venue to be packed. Alleviate any parking stresses by offering premium parking areas to your VIPs close to the entrance. This alone could be a huge motivating factor in convincing your ticket buyers to upgrade!