6 VIP Perks Sure to Drive Ticket Sales for Your Music Festival

  • By ShowClix Team | Monday, February 27th, 2023
6 VIP Perks Sure to Drive Ticket Sales for Your Music Festival

Seasoned music festival organizers understand that VIP perks can be a valuable tool to make your event stand out, while offering fans exclusive opportunities to enhance their experience. Not to mention, VIP packages can generate a notable portion of your overall event revenue. But with so many festivals out there to compete with, how can you be sure your audience will choose your event?

Our event experts have accumulated a list of six VIP perks sure to give your premium ticket sales a boost by turning your music festival into the ultimate live music excursion!

Premium Parking

As excited crowds descend upon your venue, devoted festival-goers know how valuable VIP perks like up-close premium parking and early entry can be. By offering these perks, you enable your most devoted attendees to quickly enter the venue and begin their festival experience even more swiftly. Less time spent looking for parking means more time having fun and enjoying your festival – and it’s a perk worth paying for!

Soundcheck Performance Access

Give music lovers the chance of a lifetime to experience their favorite artists in a way they never have before by including pre-show soundcheck performances in your VIP packages. Fans will jump at the chance to join an up-close set from their favorite performers in a much more intimate environment than their mainstage performance later on. Take this perk to the next level by including a photo op during your soundcheck parties, and you’ll have super-fans counting the seconds until your VIP goes on sale!

VIP Lounges

Offer the real VIP treatment to your ticket buyers with access to exclusive lounges throughout your festival. For outdoor summer festivals, enabling your VIP ticket holders to take a break from the bustling crowds and recharge in private, air conditioned lounge spaces is also a great selling point. Use these lounges to supply your VIPs with useful amenities like phone charging stations, personal lockers, premium restroom access, and VIP-only food and drink vendors to take their festival experience to the next level and guarantee more VIP upgrades.

Exclusive Stage Viewing Access 

The main reason festival goers flock to your event is to see the phenomenal music acts. Consider offering an area at your main stage just for VIPs. These exclusive stage viewing areas can be elevated or shaded platforms that give your VIPs a chance to enjoy an up-close view of their favorite artists, without needing to spend much time navigating through the main stage crowd.

Shuttle Service

At a large festival, traveling from stage to stage can become a daunting task, especially with a packed schedule of performers to see! Including shuttles between the various performance areas of your festival will give your ticket buyers a chance to bounce from stage to stage with ease, giving them more time to spend listening to the music and appreciating the other perks your festival offers!

After-Party Access

Entice more VIP sales by offering your fans a chance to keep the festival experience going all night long! Exclusive after-party access gives your VIPs a way to continue the festival fun alongside other diehard fans. Consider booking some of your festival talent to make special appearances at the after-party to make this an even more unmissable perk!