8 Helpful Apps For Your Event Day Staff

  • By Erin Fulton | Thursday, August 15th, 2019
8 Helpful Apps For Your Event Day Staff

As any event organizer knows all too well, event day can be hectic. But don’t stress, our team of Event Operations Specialists have your back! We know that applying the right tools is key to successfully organizing and executing any event. Continue reading for our on-site event experts’ list of apps all event organizers should consider downloading to make their show days run as smoothly as possible.

Organization Apps

Quip – Any event’s operations plan is essentially a complex machine made up of countless moving parts, the success of which relies on everything coming together on show day. Quip can help make that possible by storing all on-site information in an easily accessible format for all team members. Information like hardware settings, account logins, operational notes, checklists, and more are stored in Quip and help you spend less time in meetings and sending emails, and more time focusing on event day tasks.

Wunderlist – With Wunderlist, event organizers can quickly make a to-do list and share it with team members. This way, if you have event-wide tasks that need to be completed (like checking in a certain vendor, providing credentials to security staff, etc.), your event team can easily collaborate and mark tasks as complete, which is then instantly visible to the entire team.

Communication Apps

Slack – It takes a robust team to successfully coordinate an event, and being able to quickly communicate with those who are on the other side of the event site, or even off site, is key. Slack is an easy way for coworkers to message, call, and video chat about event details from their laptops or mobile devices, making it perfect for all internal event communications! 

HeyTell – When you’re on-site on show day, sometimes you need an immediate response from your team members and a text or a phone call just won’t cut it. HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger and walkie talkie app that enables you to instantly speak to your connected staff with the press of a single button, making instant communication a breeze!

Content & Marketing Apps

Capsule – Are you tired of tracking down valuable photo content from your team members, vendors, and others after your event has concluded? At your next event, put Capsule to use! Capsule offers a centralized location for all relevant parties to upload on-site photos, videos, and more, making post-event content collection nearly effortless. Your marketing and web design teams will thank you!

Mention – Use Mention to monitor what your attendees, fans, and the media are saying about you on social media, blogs, and more throughout the duration of your event. Select event-specific keywords for the app to track, and get real-time updates from millions of sources to track the conversation surrounding your event. With access to valuable feedback straight from the public, you’ll be able to address any possible challenges on the fly, while keeping your PR/marketing team in the loop every step of the way.

ShowClix Apps

Axess – A quick and efficient event admissions plan is key to starting your fans’ day off right, so using ShowClix’s free ticket scanner app, Axess, is an essential tool for on-site event operations. Axess enables your on-site operations team to maintain up-to-the-minute guest lists, use the complete scan history and search functionality, and more from right within the app, ensuring attendees a speedy entrance!

Live – Keep your ticketing data in the palm of your hand as your event progresses throughout the day with Live, the official mobile data companion app to the ShowClix system. This mobile data adjunct is an event coordinator’s staple while on-site at an event, as it provides access to all prevalent data.