8 Tools Sure to Improve The Venue Experience

  • By David Kennedy | Thursday, August 19th, 2021
8 Features to Improve the Venue Experience

When it comes to turning your fans’ experience at your venue up to 11, it’s critical to have the right toolkit at your fingertips. From spreading the word about upcoming events, to keeping fans happy and entertained throughout each performance, event creators are looking to create a seamless experience from start to finish. As part of the Patron Technology family of event technology products, we’ve got the complete solution you need to do all this and more!

Read on to discover the ticketing, engagement, and virtual tools venue managers need to create the most immersive, memorable experiences possible and to collect valuable data to ensure continued success.

User-Friendly Ticketing & Admissions

Seamless Ticket Purchase Process

Purchasing tickets to your venue’s performances is easier than ever for your attendees with our streamlined ticketing. Customize your event listings to match the look and feel of your venue and highlight your talent with on-page descriptions, photos, video, and more. Whether your venue hosts only general admission shows or you’ve got a full reserved seating map to sell, our system makes ticket selection simple and intuitive for both you and your customers. You can also customize the checkout process to ask specific questions or collect demographic information unique to your venue or show, like the name and contact of your attendees, what artists they want to see perform at your venue, and if they want to opt-in to your newsletter. You can even add merchandise or VIP upsells right into the checkout, helping generate more pre-event revenue and better prepare your day-of-show merchandise inventory!

Easy Registration

Once fans purchase their tickets, our solution makes it easy to drive nonstop engagement at your event. Customers can register directly from a link in their ticket confirmation email, which unlocks their unique microsite for a personalized experience. Use this space to empower your fans to keep track of everything they interact with at your venue, including photo and video booths, badges they’ve collected, sponsors they’ve interacted with, and more. Plus, they can use their microsite to complete any required waivers before your event to get inside your venue with no waiting.

Streamlined Access Control

When showtime’s finally closing in, we’ve got the tools to get fans through the doors and in front of the stage in seconds! Our mobile ticket options and ticket scanning app make it simple for attendees to present their tickets, and for your on-site staff to quickly scan them in using their own mobile device or one of our dedicated scanners. Our real-time reporting tools give you down-to-the-minute insights into who’s been checked in and empowers you to keep track of when most fans tend to make their way through the doors, helping you plan staffing and admission procedures for future events. Plus, if your event has yet to sell out, our integrated box office app makes on-site walk-up sales simple to complete, and keeps all your ticket sales data in one place!

On-Site Fan Engagement

Immersive Gamification

Encourage more on-site fan engagement throughout your venue than you’ve ever seen before using our immersive gamification features. Enable fans to earn redeemable points by visiting certain areas of your venue, like the merch table, photo booth, or concession stand. Also have them perform certain actions, like completing marketing surveys about what they’re into to earn even more points. Then, offer discounts on future ticket purchases, exclusive merchandise, or concessions once they hit predetermined point thresholds. You can also consider using these features to drive repeat attendance by offering points for multiple venue visits, merchandise purchases, and more. The best part? With our reporting dashboard, you’ll be able to track and review attendee behavior throughout your entire event and beyond!

Photo, Video, and Sponsor Activations

While attendees wait for the action to begin, give them every opportunity to remain engaged (and earn points!) with fun on-site photo stations and video booths. Give them lasting access to these event memories by sending photo and video content directly to their personal microsite, and encourage attendees to become valuable brand ambassadors by pushing them to share this venue-branded content on social media! Plus, tap into yet another ancillary revenue stream by turning these activations into sponsorship opportunities.

Off-Site Fan Engagement

Branded Venue App

Providing a custom mobile app as a hub for all your venue’s event information is one of the most effective ways to help you stay connected with fans and create an unforgettable experience for attendees. Give fans the ability to “Favorite” the upcoming shows they plan to attend and opt in to push notifications so they can stay in the loop regarding potential scheduling updates, exclusive merchandise releases, VIP experiences, and more! A dedicated app for your venue can also help attendees streamline the registration process, easily access their tickets, and download and share their photos and videos long after your event ends.

Local Nightlife Partnerships

Expand your reach outside of your venue and build valuable partnerships with local bars, restaurants, shops, and other organizations. Set up branded QR codes and activations at local partner businesses and reward fans with more redeemable points for visiting these partners. There’s no better way to connect with other business owners within your community than working together to grow both of your bottom lines! 

Live Streaming and Virtual Meet & Greets

Virtual features are among the most powerful tools in getting your live events in front of new, more expansive audiences. Use our integrated live streaming functionality to sell tickets to live streams of your performances. During the performance, boost your event revenue even more by providing options for in-stream merchandise sales and virtual tipping. And that’s not all; once the event’s over, you can choose to sell access to the recorded live performance for a limited amount of time, meaning time zones and other commitments won’t be an obstacle for excited fans! Also, consider selling virtual meet & greet opportunities with your performers and artists, giving VIP fans the chance to connect with their idols without the need to queue up at your venue hours prior! You can offer these virtual meetups long before event day as a way to build up anticipation among attendees. These virtual sessions can even be sent directly to your fans afterwards as an unforgettable keepsake!

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