All About Axess: Easy iOS Ticket Scanners

  • By ShowClix Team | Friday, July 20th, 2012

As a leader in advance online ticket sales, ShowClix has always worked with technology that makes events and admissions as easy as possible. Available in the iTunes Store, the Axess app transforms iOS devices (like the iPhone or iPod touch) into user-friendly ticket scanners that can scan thermal, print-at-home, and mobile tickets.

Don’t worry about finding, buying, or renting old school scanners; just download the free Axess app for your devices at your next event. Connect to Wi-Fi to download your tickets and you’re ready to go!

Scanning tickets quickly and effectively during admission to your event has several advantages, and our app is here to make it as easy as possible:

  • All of the ticket options we have available (print-at-home, thermal, and mobile tickets) can be scanned with Axess.
  • Need to look up customer information on the fly? Use the Search feature on the app to quickly locate details about a particular ticket or ticket holder. If someone lost or forgot their ticket, you can search by their name or email and still admit them into the event.
  • Don’t keep your customers waiting. Simply use your iPhone or iPod touch camera to scan the ticket’s barcode, and that’s it! The customer is in the door and the transaction is automatically sync’d with your ShowClix database.
  • Let Axess be your digital bouncer. Ticket scanners help you prevent fraudulent or duplicated tickets at the gate.
  • Stay on top of your admissions. Once a ticket is scanned, the screen will clearly tell you if the ticket is valid. If a ticket is invalid, the Axess app will briefly explain the problem, e.g. ticket already scanned, not found, etc.
  • If a ticket buyer chooses mobile delivery for several tickets in the same order, no problem! Axess can scan one barcode multiple times and will automatically identify how many tickets are associated with the order. Plus, the barcode will also verify the price level for each ticket!

Want to see Axess in action? Watch the video below and see how Axess was used at the 2011 Billboard Summer Blowout in NYC: