5 Ways to Start Making Your Event Sustainable

As today’s event-goers continue to become more environmentally conscious, sustainability is a growing focus in the planning of live events. Attendees are looking deeper than just lineups and event programming to make their ticket-buying decisions. Potential attendees want to support events that align with their personally held values, and a serious devotion to reducing one’s carbon footprint can be a deciding factor. Event organizers serious about moving their events toward sustainability know it can be a challenging undertaking that requires consideration at every step of the event planning process, but more than worthwhile in the end! 


4 Ways to Market Your Event on TikTok in 2020

2021 Update: Looking for the latest TikTok event marketing tips? Check out our updated intro to TikTok marketing to get your events trending for free!

Have you utilized TikTok yet for your event marketing? TikTok, for those unfamiliar, is a social network for sharing short videos. It’s one of the most downloaded apps in 2019, has more than 500 million active users, and 90% of its users are on the app at least once a day. That means that this high-engagement social media platform is a ripe resource for event marketers!


4 Key Aspects of a Successful Event Hashtag

If you’re hoping for a post or topic to trend on social media, the right hashtag can be the key to success. From an event marketing perspective, a hashtag specific to your event can spark buzz, encourage conversation, and optimize discovery. In addition to expanding your audience, hashtags are also an easy way to monitor what people are saying about your event throughout its run. With that said, choosing the perfect hashtag for your event can take time and careful consideration. That’s why our marketing experts have put together four key aspects to consider when creating a successful event hashtag!