Breaking Records with New York Comic Con

  • By Christie Stapf | Thursday, October 13th, 2016
Breaking Records with New York Comic Con

“We sold at least 185,000 unique tickets!” – Senior Vice President Lance Fensterman ReedPOP.

With a record breaking attendance, New York Comic Con 2016 (NYCC) was one for the history books with an 11% increase in attendance year over year! Our team was on-point with our suite of event technology and our ability to keep everything running smoothly during all four actioned-packed days of NYCC.

Read on to learn how our team helped raised the bar at NYCC 2016!

RFID at Multiple Venues

Our team managed the gates and trained volunteers on our new RFID badge system at all four NYCC venues this year (including the iconic Madison Square Garden)! With approximately 1,000,000 total rfid interactions, organizers of the event at any point-in-time were able to tell how many fans were in each location, which panels received the most attention, and identify the popular exhibitors at the show. Fans also used their badges at our photo stations to take quick selfies and action gifs for a personalized event day souvenir.

Panel Lines

One of our biggest updates this year was incorporating RFID into NYCC’s panel lines. Attendees were able to reserve their spots in the panels with a quick tap of their RFID badge. No more standing in line! We found, collectively, fans had over 1,576,800 more minutes to relax and enjoy NYCC, rather than waiting in lines. With that much time, a person could fly around the world 589 times!

“We went to a system where you didn’t need to race around, you just tapped your badge. You didn’t need to get a physical wristband which made it more orderly.” – Lance Festerman discussing our new RFID badge panel lines integration.

Lead Capture

With thousands of fans moving around NYCC, it can be challenging for exhibitors to find the time to chat with each attendee. But no more! With our Lead Capture, NYCC’s exhibitors stayed in touch with fans who scanned their badge at the exhibitor’s booth – essentially leaving a digital business card. By downloading the contact information, exhibitors then offered those fans special giveaways, prize packs, and other promotions to keep the conversation going long after the event.

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