Collect Valuable Customer Data with Survey Questions

  • By ShowClix Team | Friday, October 26th, 2012

Selling tickets presents a great opportunity for you to gather information and feedback from your customers. With ShowClix, you have the ability to ask your ticket buyers optional (or mandatory!) questions.

There are multiple advantages to asking questions during the check out process when selling tickets to an event. Feedback is a great tool for any event planner or venue manager to keep customers hooked. Keep reading for some of our tips for asking questions during the ticket buying process.

Once you know and understand how to create a custom question during the checkout process, the bigger question becomes “What do I ask my customers?”

• For example, several of our events ask, “How did you hear about this event?“ Take it a step further, though. Try to get a definite answer from them by specifying options like word of mouth, newspapers, online ads, social media, etc. After the event, review and download your reports to learn which marketing tactics worked most effectively.

• A great open-ended question is “What else would you like to see at this venue?” You may learn there is a high demand for country music, spaghetti dinners, open-mic nights, specific local favorites… Give your customers a chance to be heard, so that they feel valuable and stay interested in what’s coming up next at your venue.

• For some events, it can help to ask about such things as dietary restrictions (for dinner parties or conferences) to make sure you’re prepared to accommodate the needs of your customers.

• These questions are also a great opportunity to ask if people are interested in learning more about your organization, becoming a sponsor or even signing up for a mailing list. Ask the right questions to create opportunities and make connections to potential volunteers.

Selling tickets online can open the door for you to interact with your ticket buyers and give them a more personal, engaging experience.

What else would you like to be able to do on your event page during the checkout process for your customers?